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Your options when it comes to periods

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That dreaded time of the month comes and for the next couple of days intense emotion, cravings, and everything else under the sun hits us. There’s so many subscription boxes out there to make this time a little bit easier. But what do we actually use for our periods.

There’s the major tampon vs pads debate with period cups coming into the mix now. I decided to talk about all three, the pros and cons of each.

I have not personally had any experiences with period cups but I managed to get some honest advice from a couple of ladies who swear by them.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of it and talk about what type of period protection there is out there for you.

The terrfying tampons

Tampons, the classic thing I remember being terrified of as a teenager. In lessons we were taught to use pads, tampons were this strange terrifying object.

I remember my teacher telling us all a horror story of how she lost one once. And with the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome being a major con to these I wasn’t the most willing to give it a go.

But as long as you monitor these and look after yourself with them you can’t go wrong.

Make sure they are never in for longer than around 3 hours, 4 hours at an absolute maximum.

This should go without saying but never reuse a tampon. Unlike pads because this physically go inside you they soak up the blood whilst also trapping any other bacteria. The longer the bacteria is in there for, the higher the risk of it multiplying and causing a lot of harm to you. So make sure if you are gonna use tampons that you have time to go to the bathroom and change them every couple of hours.

The other horror story I remember with tampons is insertion.  They come in all different sizes and that’s the main place where people go wrong. Take some time whether it’s instore or online to read about tampons and sizes.

If you try to insert one that is too big the pain will be too much to bear and you’ll be doing more harm than good. So honestly take some time out to read about them.

Tampax have a great page telling you all about insertion, which one you should go for, and even helping you decide if they’re the thing for you so definitely give it a read.

Pop on a pad

Personally I tend to use tampons when I’m out and about during the day, if it’s anything like travelling or sleeping I am a religious pads person. There’s something that doesn’t sit right with me about having a tampon in for such a long amount of time like that.

Pads are another ball game, they are easy to put on and they come in all different styles to help avoid the awkward bits poking out of your underwear.

The other main thing is they come with different flow strengths as well. If you’re going to be sleeping in one always go for the night ones. These are thicker and can allow for a heavier flow whilst you’re asleep. Make sure to only use these at night as they are significantly thicker for ones you’d use during the day.

Again for hygiene reasons make sure you change your pad regularly.

Bodyform have released one of the best inventions pads have always needed. It’s this handy little carry tin that’s easy enough to put in your bag or coat and allow you to not feel embarrassed about having to change your pad on the go. Rather than having to take your whole bag with you just take the tin with you and you’re sorted.

If you want more advice on certain styles and which is best for you. Bodyform have brought out a helpful page.

Bodyform are really killing it this year with periods, from their free period video a couple of months back to this handy case they are making drastic improvements to the period world.

Period cups – what’s that?

The last in the debate are period cups. The one I have heard the most about is the Moon Cup. These have become fairly popular recently.

They are soft silicone menstrual cups designed for convenient and safe alternative ways to tampons and pads.

These have a lot of benefits for the environment as they cut dramatically down on waste. And as they are hygienic and require cleaning with boiling hot water every couple of uses these save you a lot of money as well in the long run.

From people I have spoken to they have been converted to this new style of period protection. It’s easy and after insertion you don’t even feel like the cup is in there.

Because it catches your blood whilst in there do make sure to check on it after a couple of hours and empty it out. After a while you can start to sense when it is time to be changed.

They come in 2 sizes as well depending on age and whether or not you have given birth vaginally. This was the main pro for me, it’s nice to see that products like this are more inclusive. It is tailored for everyone rather than a whole one size fits all scenario.

This kind of thing does take a bit of time to get used to, they say that it takes up to 3 cycles to get it right so don’t feel upset if you don’t get it first time round.

They have included a helpful guide on their website so give it a try.

There we have it, I am becoming more open to the idea of the moon cup and I definitely see myself giving it a go soon. Let us know down in the comments if you’ve tried it and how you found it. I’d like to be able to have more variety with my period protection and maybe this moon cup could be the one.





  1. The thought of using anything other than pads scares me and that is obviously because I’ve always only used pads, but I can see how tampons would be so helpful in certain situations! As for the moon cups I don’t know much about them, seems quite interesting!
    Great, informative post! ☺️💕


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