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8 ways to cure and prevent a hangover

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We’ve all been there, dying the day after that night out. The wave of sickness hits you, the desire to eat all the greasy food you can. It’s a hard life being hungover but there are ways you can prevent a little it or at least cut down the pain a bit.

For me it’s all about prevention first. I always ensure that I have had something to eat before drinking. Not only does it stop you from getting drunk too quickly but it also ensures you don’t feel too rough in the morning.

On the drinking front this may not sound like it makes a difference and at the moment you’re probably not checking it but watch what you are drinking. You could have 4 drinks and still get a hangover if you mix.

The alcohol upsets your stomach so with all different bits adding to the mix you’re creating a recipe for disaster. Anything that is strong like wine or spirits just make sure you take it easy. There’s no fun in downing your glass of wine straight away and waiting for everyone else to finish. This will help you in the morning to take the day a little easier.

I always try to get something to eat on the way back as well. Gotta make sure you try to soak up some of the alcohol at least.

Hydration is a big key factor here. Whether its water, juice or a fizzy drink. Just make sure you hydrate yourself after the night.

During the hangover make sure you keep drinking to get your body back up and running again. It might feel horrid but drinking anything from green tea to lemon juice will really help get your system working.

Normally on a hangover day I don’t tend to eat too much. I make sure I get a fairly decent breakfast normally consisting of the greasiest food I can find and then slowly eat throughout the day.

Make sure not to go overboard with the food as otherwise you’ll find yourself feeling worse than before.

Some people find having stuff like ice lollies good for hangovers because it’s a nice refreshing and maybe not in the Winter months but in Summer time it can be an amazing help.

Medication may become your best friend here, my main tip is to not take any painkillers when you first get in from your night out.

I made this risky mistake in my first year of Uni and my god that was the worst decision of my life. I’ve never felt more of a headache like it. Be smart and see how fate leaves you when you wake up.

Try to make the morning/day after as easy as possible. I once went out the night before one of the busiest days at work around the Christmas time.

Yes you can expect a lot of people to be hungover but it really isn’t ideal almost being sick and having the headache from hell when you’re running round a packed shop with the music on too loud.

My final tip that I have for you is to wake yourself up early, sounds daft but it is a key one. If you’re in work or got a busy day ahead get up earlier than normal and allow your body time to process everything.

Have a shower get some water and relax for a bit before running round frantically trying to get ready.

If you wake up and start moving about the second you wake up just to catch an extra 40 minutes sleep you will feel horrid and it will be the worst wake up of your life.

Hangovers can be horrid however there can be something good about them. I find it the perfect excuse to sit in, stick on a film and try to sleep it off throughout the day. They don’t hit me that often but when they do it becomes a day of lounging about, a nice hot bath and a bedtime significantly earlier than the previous night.

If you have any hangover horror stories or any tricks that we’ve missed out let us know in the comments.

Remember to always drink responsibly, for more informaiton on alcohol and it’s effects on the body visit the Drinkaware website.




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