The Christmas day outfit ideas that are both comfy and festive

Credit: Alisa Anton - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

It’s time to run downstairs and get those presents opened. Mariah Carey is singing in the background whilst the family time begins. You’re wolfing down your Christmas dinner and Elf is on the TV. You need to wear something practical yet still festive.

Whether you want to go full out or just be comfy I’m here to show you the kind of outfits to go for on Christmas day.

So let’s first off talk pj’s. Every Christmas we get new pj’s. You’ll try them on and then be in them as late as possible so why not go all out on the pyjama’s.

Asos Boohoo candy cane pyjamas Christmas The Growing Up Guide

ASOS have some many cute pairs including this candy cane one. They’re a relaxed fit and paired with a cozy dressing gown you’ve got the Christmas morning look down to a T.


Once the pj’s are off you might wanna change into something more festive. Christmas Jumper wise everywhere is doing one.

My favourite one to wear for the day, is one by Monki. It has this cute Xmas Tree print all over it and that pink colour really pops. Paired with a skirt or some comfy jeans you’ve got that relaxed comfy Christmas style.

Missguided Christmas pearl velvet skirt The Growing Up Guide

Skirt wise Missguided has this gorgeous velvet pearl detail mini skirt. It’s perfect paired with a flowy top. With its stretchy style you can easily hide that Christmas dinner food-baby. So get ready to fill your boots with food without it showing.

Topshop Gingham pinafore dress Christmas The Growing Up Guide

If you wanna wear a dress Topshop have an amazing range. This gingham pinafore dress is perfect. Pair it with a turtleneck or a thick jumper you can be dressed up yet still comfy. The floral print works well with any colour you want to throw underneath it. Keeping you warm and cozy all day long.

Topshop Star embroided skater dress Christmas The Growing Up Guide

Or if you want to go all out this star embroidered skater dress is great for all day long. It has a little cut out at the front but the star print is the main focus. It’s not figure hugging so you could wear this all day without wanting to get it off. Just add a pair of boots or just some simple flats. You can’t go wrong with a good skater dress.





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