Cheap last minute holiday destinations for some winter sun

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I don’t know about you, but once December hits and all the lovely vitamin D sun filled days are snatched away, I can’t help myself from thinking about getting some sun. Working in an office, doing the typical 09:00-17:(30), means you don’t see day light in the winter. So instead of going for a walk on my lunch break everyday to soak up any remaining rays, I scroll through instagram to see where people are heading for their wintery escape.

Here are 3 places you could go for little money and a little bit of sun…


I feel as if this is the most popular winter sun destination. It isn’t too far away, yet far away enough that it will be warm! You can always snag good deals for Tenerife, yet it is a firm favourite with many Britons.


If you want to go somewhere a little further afield, you could check out Turkey. I haven’t been to Turkey for years; however there are so many good offers on at the moment for the whole of the country. Turkey is hot all year round, so definitely a great choice if you are looking to top up your tan.


If you really don’t mind the stretch in distance, go to Mexico! You won’t be stretching the cash however, as if you act quick, you could get a pretty good deal on a relaxing break to Mexico! Mexico has so much to offer, including its beaches and its diverse landscape of mountains, deserts and jungles.

Let us know where you will be soaking up the winter sun this year if you are, and if you aren’t, let us know where you wish you could be. Me, well I’d take anywhere!

Madrid, Spain

If you’re looking to go somewhere at Christmas, Madrid is the one! The Christmas lights are not ones to be missed, there is even a bus which you can hop on and it will take you around to see all the gorgeous decorations!
There are also many Christmas markets to explore, so if you want to venture further than your local shops, these are the ones to consider. It’s not the hottest, but it is warmer than England for sure.


If you don’t mind the extensive travel, Australia would be a hit. Australia actually experiences summer when we have our winner, so you could simply extend your sunny days by hoping on a plane.
You’ll have to be able to cope with the heat though, and most summer days average a high 30 degrees Celsius.
Depending where abouts you go, there is always so much to do and explore. Go sightseeing in Sydney or have an adventure in the rain forests of Queensland.


  1. These sound like some amazing choices, I actually haven’t visited any of these places! We already get enough sun here in UAE, even though it’s winter so you could definitely add that to the list 😅
    Great post! 💕


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