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If I’m being honest them I have to say that I’m one of those weird people who would much rather read a magazine or a non-fiction rather than a novel. Give me an autobiography about a dictator or a copy of Cosmo any day.

Reading is such a great way to entertain your brain, expand your vocabulary and help your general mental health. But what do you do if you’re not into reading novels?

Here are my suggestions of what to read if you’re not into reading:

Motivational books

Let’s face it, who doesn’t need some extra motivation in their life. Whether it’s to help your career, your lifestyle or just your general self-love. Our favourites include;


As mentioned before, give me a magazine any day. (You’re reading one right now!!)

I read Cosmopolitan as if it’s my holy book. I read articles online every day, I collect each months magazine, I attend their events, I love it.

Find a magazine you like to pass the time. They aren’t all just glossy pictures of clothes; I like magazines that have some juicy articles about current events or feminist issues, as well as some affordable fashion trends.

Find one that talks about topics you’re interested in. I used to buy History Today because I enjoyed seeing the latest research about archaeology and excavation (my degree is in History).

Why not check out a homeware, fashion, hygge, health or lifestyle magazine, they’re a great way to wind down and they get your brain working.


Blogs are great to read and there are blogging niches for everyone. Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, parenting, health, mental health, food, literally the list is endless!

Check out Twitter and Instagram hashtags for bloggers. They’re always on there sharing their links.

Blogs are also great to read because they’re really personal and have lots of honest opinions. Many of our writers and editors have blogs and you can find their links here.

Other favourites of ours..





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