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6 reasons why you should sleep naked

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Before any of you starting asking if we are out of our minds wanting to sleep naked when it’s freezing both inside and out, hear us out.

Despite the quite obvious cold winter weather, and the snow falling outside sleeping without your pyjamas is actually a lot better for you. It’s nice to be all wrapped up warm and cosy under the covers but getting rid of those fluffy pj’s could do you the world of good, and here’s why.

No more sweat

Well, that does depend on the person, but without that extra layer you will be less likely to wake up in the middle of the night sweaty buckets.

If you’re prone to leaving the electric blanket on when you fall asleep, or wrapping yourself up in 20 different layers then ditching the pj’s can really reduce your sweat rate.

Research also suggests that the lower your skin temperature the better you will sleep.

Sharing body heat

If you do get cold then don’t worry. Ditch the jammies and cuddle up with your partner. Sharing body heat is a great way to stay warm but to also add a bit of intimacy to your relationship.

After a while in a relationship it can be easy to stray away from the little things that make you both that extra bit intimate. Whether it be cuddles in bed or flowers.

Sleeping naked and curling up next to them will give your relationship that extra little spark.


Although pyjamas are super comfy there is no denying that it can become very uncomfortable very quickly. We’ve all been there. The heat can become too much, or that lovely moment when your trouser leg rides up, or when your top gets tangled as you turn.

Sleeping without pyjamas just puts an end to all this. It also will help improve blood flow as there is nothing restricting your body.

Better for your boobs

Sleeping naked, in particular sleeping without a bra is the best thing you can do for your boobs.

Not only does it give them chance to breathe without your bra holding them up, but it also helps them to stay perky rather than relying on a bit of wire.

Save money and washing

We do love a new pair of pyjamas, especially in the run up to Christmas but they do get a bit expensive.

Especially now some places are making you pay for both the top and bottoms separately rather as a set.

When you wear pyjamas and underwear to bed it also adds to the washing. Even if you wear the same pair for a few days you’re still having to add extra to your weekly wash.

Reduce the chance of a yeast infection

If you’ve never had a yeast infection then lucky you. But if you have then you will know that the best thing to do is to not wear tight clothes that will make that area warm.

Wearing pyjamas, curled up under the covers is just going to make it worse. The warm your body is making whilst wrapped up just creates the perfect environment for the bacteria to multiple.

Protect your vagina and sleep naked.

We’d love to know what you think about sleeping naked, or if you prefer pyjamas. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

If you are an avid pyjama wearer though then that’s ok too. Why not check out our festive pyjama picks here.



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