7 YouTubers to watch to help get your shit together

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December is the best time to be catching up on your sub box, with most of your fave YouTubers uploading daily in the name of Vlogmas. But even though we love ‘Internet Sensations’ such as Zoella, Tanya Burr and Joe Sugg, there are tonnes of smaller YouTubers out there you should be adding to your ‘watch later’ playlists.

As the New Year is approaching, and we’re all in need of a little inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of the vloggers you should be watching to help get your shit together in 2018.

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Katie Snooks

Katie has had a pretty tough year but she has come out of it fighting. Her journey with acne and roaccutane has seen her feature in her own documentary for BBC Three: Me, My Spots and I.

She has also taken us along on her newly single adventure with her ‘Dates with Kate’ series and proved that it’s actually OK to enjoy being an independent single lady – you go girl!

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Lydia Elise Millen 

Lydia is one of the nicest vloggers on YouTube and her life of YSL handbags and Balmain blazers is completely aspirational. Lydia has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is and it reminds us to work towards the things we want in life, whatever they may be.

Herself and her YouTuber fiance, Ali, are also in the middle of planning a wedding. So if you’re engaged and looking for some wedding inspo then look no further than her channel.

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Megan Ellaby

If you’re thinking about mixing-up your style in 2018, then Megan is the YouTuber for you. With bold patterns, colour clashing and lots of flared jeans, the Mancunian’s style is pretty much everyone’s 70s dream. Even if you don’t fancy getting out the glittery boots just yet, Megan teaches you to be braver with your fashion choices – and everyone needs that, right?

She also has two v cute sausage dogs and her boyf George was the frontman of the incredible 00s indie band, One Night Only – do you need anymore reasons to subscribe?!

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Lily Melrose

Lily is the most straight-talking YouTuber in our sub box. Her recent video discussing her own mental health and her struggle with depression highlighted how important it is to talk to others about how you’re feeling. You never know what’s going on in someone else’s life and Lily is the prime example of that. Her battle with her mental health is something that she is trying to overcome and she is an inspiration to everyone.

She also has a m a z i n g style and her cat Arys is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

The Michalaks

This family is actual #goals (is that still a thing?). There are no limits to Stef’s creativity and each one of their weekly vlogs is like a little film, with a story or life lesson to each one. The kind, generous and hilarious nature of Hannah and Stef is definitely something to aspire to, and their new charity Christmas single about Capri Suns is an absolute banger.

Oh, and Grayson and Rufus are just adorable.

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If you’re still studying then you should 100% add Jess to your sub box. The 23 year old is studying for her masters and her vlogs see her reading, taking trips to the library and everything else that comes with uni life. Watching a ten minute vlog from her can make you want to complete all your assignments, read your seminar theory and literally sort your entire life out.

Also, if one of your New Years resolutions for 2018 is to read more, then you NEED to check out her monthly book videos for some of her top picks.

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Helen Anderson

Helen’s channel is relatable to all of us out their attempting to ‘adult’. She has spent the last year renovating her lovely new home and has taken us along for the journey – and all the ups and downs that come with grown-up life.

Subscribe to her channel for everything from real-life vlogs, homeware hauls, DIY furniture and alternative style videos.




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