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Setting realistic goals for 2018

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It’s nearly the end of 2017 and the start of 2018. Here comes that usual post that talks about being motivated and setting your goals.

But actually no, let’s switch it up a bit. Instead of making endless false hope promises to one another, let’s talk about actual achievable goals that we can do throughout the year and come out on the other side proud of ourselves.

Instead of telling yourself that you’re gonna be a fitness guru by the end of January ready for Summer, why don’t we set little goals and build on them once we’ve achieved that?

Personally, my main goal for the year is to hit the 2:1 mark on an essay at University. Getting a 2:1 isn’t the best goal for me to strive towards because it requires so many other goals within it.

So I will break it down into smaller sections, setting my first goal to go over core statements. Create some examples and get my advisor to read over them and see if they flow correctly.

Then once that goal is done, I can then set my next goal to go to the writing clinic. Seek more advice on a previous essay and create goals from that.

Once I feel equipped enough to do my essay with all the feedback then maybe the big goal is more achievable.

By breaking the main goal down to something more manageable it becomes something that is realistically easier to achieve.

Let’s talk about those fitness goals we all set every January.

Last year I really tried to make more of an effort with exercise and being healthy. I did the usual thing where I set a goal that I’m unlikely to reach straight away.

I wanted to cut out every bad food and eat healthy for the rest of my life. Although I have a massive thing for sweets, Haribo giant strawbs are my weakness.

This year though I’m going to set this goal again. But instead of setting a meal plan where I starve myself of everything I like, only to cave after a few weeks. I’m going to take it slow, have 6 healthy-ish meals a week and allow myself a cheat meal if I want it. Allow myself sweets but in moderation.

It’s the same sitation with exercise. We all think we are going to become gym bunnies getting up for 6am spin classes and hitting the gym on a weeked. It’s just not realistic.

I’m setting myself the more realistic goal of going to the gym at least 3 times a week.

This doesn’t stop me from going more but at least 3 times allows me to feel okay if I only go that amount of time.

There’s going to be weeks where I can manage more and other weeks where I dread it. But I am making a promise to myself to stick with it. I am getting more into what routines and what circuits to do so it can only be onwards and upwards from here.

The main way to get motivated is to think about what you want from the New Year and to get a good idea of how to go about doing this.

It’s hard to set goals that you don’t even know how to reach so think carefully and outline exactly what you want in the correct way.

Once you have your goals break them down into smaller chunks, and you’ll be half way there in no time.



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