How to celebrate the New Year without alcohol

Credit: Ian Schneider-108618

It’s officially New Year’s Eve, and although a lot of people will be getting ready for a night of cocktails, prosecco and champagne to ring in 2018 not everyone likes to get drunk.

We’ve come up with a handy list of activites you can do tonight to celebrate 2018 without the sore head in the morning.

Board game night

Who doesn’t love a game of Cluedo? Even more fun when there is a group of you.

Make it a tournament, think Monopoly, Boggle, Scrabble or Cluedo. Play all of them and make a prize for whoever wins the most games in the evening!

It sounds more fun than it is, promise. If you want the adult content without the alcohol, Cards Against Humanity is great fun.

Movie marathon

Harry Potter? Lord Of The Rings? Legally Blonde? The Hunger Games? All of the best teen movies?

Whatever you like, stick it on, grab the popcorn and a cup of hot chocolate and make your way into 2018 totally chilled out on your sofa.


If you know someone who hasn’t been out on the town for NYE since they had a baby, offer to babysit.

If they’re a close friend or family, you might know the little one well enough to not be given any money, but a lot of kind parents will give you some money to get a pizza.

I babysat with my ex a few years ago for his niece so that her mum could go out on New Year’s Eve for the first time in five years. She really appreciated it, and we had a pizza bought for us whilst we watched Jools Holland and lounged on the sofa – bliss.

Have a dinner party

Invite your favourite friends over and have your own ‘Come Dine With Me’. Even if you’re not into cooking, check out an easy recipe and try to impress everyone with your new found skills.

If not, buy something fancy from M&S that you just bung in the oven and try to be the best hostess.

Watch the fireworks

This is one of the colder options – unless you’re inside looking through a window, or sat in a car.

Why not see if your town or city is hosting a big fireworks event when the clock strikes midnight?

If you live in a bigger city then this is well worth looking into as they tend to have much grander displays than what you could pull off in your back garden on November 5th.

Take a flask of coffee, tea or hot chocolate with you if you’re worried about staying warm.

Just because it’s the New Year doesn’t mean that you have to dress up smart, go for an expensive meal or drink so much you can’t remember the count down.



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