4 tips to slay your job interviews

Having your CV on point is definitely an important asset to succeed in a job interview. However, this is not the only aspect that is evaluated. What makes your future boss say “yes, the job is yours” is a combination of different factors that you can prepare for in advance and slay your job interview(s)!
Here are tips you can implement to smash all of them:


One of the aspects that will definitely make the difference is how confident you are. When being under pressure though, especially in these kinds of circumstances, confidence isn’t always at it’s best. In order to overcome this, practicing is the key!
Practice in front of a mirror, asking your friend or mum to “act like the interviewer.” Practice both the wording and your body language so that even when you’ll be under pressure, you’ll know how to act.

Check out previous candidates experiences

Googling the company is always a good idea! You might find out that they are cited in platforms where people share their interviewing experience and you might find interesting prompts.
Also, if you know people already working in the company, asking them how their interview process was can help you to mentally prepare and as a consequence, be more confident.

Ask someone who works in the industry for advice

You might not know anyone who works for the company but you might know or meet people who work within that industry and this can still be useful.
Ask them about their interviewing process, what questions they were asked and any suggestions they have for you. Having a talk with someone who “did it” is always a great way to get information, inspiration and assurance.

Find your USP

What is your unique selling point? In other words, what’s that thing that you have and others don’t that can make you stand out in your interview? What are you good at?
This is one of the most asked questions that can be tricky, especially when asked under pressure but if you’re prepared, you’ll be ready to give a prompt answer.
“How do I know/find my USP?” you’ll say. Make a list of things you you’re good at. This can be for example; talking in public, networking, overcoming challenges… Anything!
After writing the short list, think about situations in which you’ve actually applied those skills as ask yourself in which of the situations you’ve performed best and why. That’s your USP. That’s your unique competence that can help you be “the one” the company is looking for.
Don’t be scared of interviews. The employer is looking for your best qualities, not trying to pick out your worst.
Just smile and you will get through it. We promise.



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