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How to build an office capsule wardrobe

Credit: Shanna Camilleri - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

Obviously, every workplace is different and has different expectations of their employees, but here we have generalised and created a guide on perfecting your own work wear capsule wardrobe…

So the idea of a capsule wardrobe is having clothes that can never go out of style and can, therefore, be worn in different combinations, with seasonal accents – think scarves, jewellery, sunglasses etc. For me, when I’m deciding whether or not to buy something, I think how many outfits can I get out of it? Is it classic? Will this still be fashionable next year?

Willow and Paige Blouse £18


A plain white t shirt – Good to have (depending on how relaxed your workplace), with a blazer and trousers it can be good in the summer when you’re overheating, or under a smart jumper in the winter

A white shirt – A wardrobe staple.

Striped long sleeve t-shirt – Think Audrey Hepburn, these never go out of style. Go for the Parisian look.

A patterned/striped shirt – Maybe a looser fit than the white shirt, something a bit more casual but still appropriate for work. Fatface has lovely relaxed shirts.

Cardigan – Go for something neutral that will look nice over any of these four tops. I’d recommend a dark grey or a beige colour.

Smart round neck jumper – Again, opt for a neutral colour. This jumper can be styled over a skirt with the collar out, just with trousers and a scarf or around your shoulders if you’re feeling extra preppy.

Blazer – If you wear mainly black trousers, go for black, if you prefer navy, go for that. A plain blazer is great for meetings or days you need to look extra smart. You can make the t shirt and striped top look that bit smarter and still look stylish.

ASOS Midi Skirt with Box Pleats £16


Black/Navy Pencil Skirt – Goes with everything, but make sure you shop around and find one you feel really comfy in. You don’t want to be in something too tight or one that rides up all day.

A midi skirt – This is a bit different, but midi skirts look so stylish and really smart. Again, go for navy, black or grey. Tuck your t-shirts or shirts into it or wear a jumper over the waist. You might feel a bit flouncy when it swishes around the office, but trust me, they are SO comfy and great in the summer when it is nice to have air circulation around your legs.

Smart trousers x 2 – Go for two different styles. Some classic, straight slim leg trousers, and maybe something a bit different, like a cigarette trouser or something that ties up at the waist like this.

Qed London Pencil Dress £40 £24


Classic, black and fitted – If you go for something without sleeves you can wear it in the summer and feel cool, and during the other seasons, you can wear it with a cardigan or a shirt underneath.

Floral or patterned dress – You can’t go wrong with these. This one is beautiful.

Neutral coloured dress (tan, grey, charcoal, khaki) – Check out this one from ASOS.

New Look Leather Look Ballet Pumps £7.99


Loafers – These are the ultimate smart shoe. They look classy but still fashionable. These ones from Clarkes will last you years as well.

Pumps – Something comfy, it is best to go with a neutral colour unless you want to make a statement, in which case, red goes great with navy and black.



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