10 women under 30 who are ultimate girl bosses

Credit: Katy Belcher - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

In order to motivate our readers this year, as well as celebrating women, as it’s officially 100 years since we got the vote, The Growing Up Guide wanted to give you all some inspiration.

As part of our #ActuallyICan series we wanted to share the stories of 10 women who are changing the world – all of who are under the age of 30! It just goes to show that you can do whatever you put your mind to.


Amika George

Amika, who is 18 years old, has started a movement(!) called Free Periods. Free periods campaigns to provide all young girls on free school meals with free sanitary products, as Period Poverty is a real thing.

Many girls are missing school because they can’t afford to buy pads and tampons, and are scared of “damaging their dignity”.

Amika organised a protest at Downing Street to voice her thoughts and many others, in the hope to persuade Theresa May to make a change. 

We wrote a piece all about Free Periods that you can read here.


Emma Gannon

Emma’s 28 and has achieved a LOT. She has run a successful self titled blog, as well as being a published author.

Her podcast, Control Alt Delete, has also been a massive hit. She’s interviewed the likes of Lena Dunham, Gillian Anderson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Zoella and loads more! She has written for many news outlets, from Teen Vogue to the Telegraph, she’s done it all.

She is well and truly a positive role models for millennial in media, and someone who remains relatable and honest in all she does.


Mhairi Black

Mhairi became the youngest MP elected since 1667. If that is not an achievement, I don’t know what is.

At 20 years old, she was elected as MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South. Regardless of your political beliefs, you have to acknowledge what an accomplishment that is for a young woman, particularly of her age.

However, she has said she is “sick” of people mentioning her youth, and: “Trying to tailor politics to be ‘young, hip and cool’ is exactly the kind of patronising guff that puts off young folk. If you want to talk to young folk about politics then just talk politics. They will listen.”


Kate Spiers

Twenty seven year old Kate is just, goals. She is the definition of Pinterest, who apartment is literally famous for being so aesthetically pleasing. So famous, someone got a tattoo of her living room. No joke.

She is a blogger, and recently a coffee shop owner by day, as well as being a pro at all things interior design, photography and editing. Her clean, modern lines, not only in her home but on her platforms, really make her someone to be in awe of. S

he also eloped to New York last year with her dreamy boyfriend. That is also goals.


Ella Woodward

Ella has done a lot of stuff to say she is only 26. She has 3 food books published, a recipe app, a successful blog, and that is just to name a few.

She is business partners with her husband, as they opened up a deli a few years back. She has also made history with fastest selling debut cookbook since records began!

In 2011 Ella was diagnosed with a relatively rare illness called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, or POTS. It was this diagnosis that promoted her to overhaul her diet and try a cleaner way of living. She then embraced a vegan lifestyle and managed to conquer her illness and launch several businesses.

2014 Natwest everywoman National Awards.

Nina Devani

Nina is a self proclaimed teenage entrepreneur. At 14, she created an app, named “Prompt me Nina” and then went on to create “Prompt me now”, both of which were created to remind you of passwords. One is more consumer based where as the latter is more business centred.

The password management business was set to be worth over $700 million by 2019, so is certainly in the right game. Imagine being 14 and this tech savvy. I wish I was!


Iskra Lawrence

Iskra is a 27 year old, body positivity and self care advocate, who models for Aeire. She is also a brand ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association.

Something that makes Iskra different is she does no retouching to her online photos, and flaunts her natural beauty.

Her fight against being labelled as plus size is something to take note of. She has made waves in the modelling community with her wise words and great instagram content.


Maisie Williams

Maisie, born in 1997, is well known for her role in hit show, Game of Thrones. Not only was she very successful in her role, winning a LOT of awards, she has been successful in other areas, despite her young age of 20.

She started filming GOT when she was just 12 years old, so that’s impressive for a start.  

She is very vocal about her thoughts on feminism, and other social issues. She has worked with many charities including Greenpeace, Small Steps Project, and Dolphin Project.


Lucy Bronze

England footballer, Lucy Bronze, plays for both the England women’s team and a French team respectively. Previously she played for Sunderland Women, Everton Ladies, Liverpool Ladies, and Manchester City Women as well as North Carolina Tar Heels at college in the US.

She’s a girl boss because her constant thirst for challenge and new opportunities have moved her from team to team, meaning she has had a whole wealth of experience in her area, landing her with some of the most prestigious awards.

Being so good at something you are passionate about, and being successful in that field (no pun intended) is to be admired!


Pippa Murray

Back garden shed to a £9 million business. Pippa, 28, turned a seemingly small idea into a multimillion business.

After quitting her day job, she focused heavily on the business “Pip and Nut” to get it going from the ground up and she certainly did that. She was inspired after realising most nut butters on the market was either unhealthy – or boring.

Her nut butters are nutritional, with all organic ingredients, but with a fun twist too. Her butters are now stocked in over 2500 stores across the UK. That is what you call a success story!




  1. This is such an amazing post! So inspired by these wonderful women and how much they’ve accomplished, it’s really so motivating.

    Almira x


  2. Such a variety of awe-inspiring women! An inspirational post pushing us women to strive for our goals and dreams! Feel utterly motivated! 💕


  3. What an amazing post! This has inspired me to do a similar style post. I like how most of them the majority will not have heard of and I hope to see more motivational posts from you soon 😊


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