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9 Apps you need on your phone this year

Credit: Saulo Mohana - Unsplash - The Growing Up Guide

We’re finally getting back into some type of normality, following a very hectic festive period! Hoping everyone had a fabulous Christmas, and wishing you all a very happy new year.

I always like to look at a new year, as a new chapter, or like a fresh start. First of January hits, and the new year’s resolutions start rolling in. In 2018 technology is never far from our fingertips. So why not use it to aid those new years resolutions? The following are 9 apps I believe are needed to aid conquering those new years resolutions!


Free on iOS, Android, and the Web

If your one of the travel addicts that has pledged to travel more, see more of the world, or see a certain number of places in the next 12 months the Skyscanner app is the ultimate app for you! This fabulous app gives you immediate access to the cheapest hotels, cheapest flights and rental cars, all at the tip of your finger!


£1.99 on iOS and Android

Relax more with this app, for just under 2 quid! Particularly if you’ve highlighted relaxing more and self-care as one of your main goals of the new year. Self-care is so important, so why not incorporate that into your phone, it’s so handy!


Free on iOS and the Web

Have a bad habit that you are determined to banish once and for all this year? Look no further than Strides, the ultimate habit and goal tracker! You can set this app to send you notifications to remind you to do certain things, as well as check your goals and notifications at the tap of a button!

Smoke Free

Free on Android

This is the perfect app if the new year means your giving up smoking. Free on the App Store this tracks the days you have been smoke- free (very encouraging!), as well as tracking many other aspects of your health, such as your pulse rate and oxygen levels.


Free on Android

If you’re like me, and absolutely awful at finance tracking, you’ll be scrambling to get this app, because it is a finance tracker- that incorporates all aspects of your spendings! On this app, you can track your spending from your cards, as well as monitor your spending!


Free on iOS and Android

Fancy being more organized this year? Then this is the app for you! This app brings your agendas from your calendars, notes and social networks all in the one place. So everything you need to do is all in the one place. Very handy!


Free on iOS

If your hoping for better nights of sleep in 2018, this may be the ideal app for you. Sleep++ monitors your nights sleep, and tracks how many hours you get, as well as tracking how much was restless, restful and around what time of the night you had the best sleep!


Free on iOS and Android

Fancy brushing up on a language, or better yet, start a new one? Look no further than Duolingo! This app is primarily quiz-based and aids you in learning bits of your language day by day with many listening, reading and speaking features!


Free on iOS and Android

Obviously the gym is great, but so is Stepz, the ultimate pedometer app. This is such an ideal and handy way to track your daily steps, so why not download it on the app store?

Hoping everyone’s New Year Resolutions are going to plan so far, and hopefully these 9 apps will aid the continuation of keeping these resolutions!



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