5 documentaries to watch right now

The Growing Up Guide

You know that saying about how things you hated as a child (naps, early nights, staying in..) you now love as an adult? Documentaries are one of those things too. Yes, I sound old saying this, but I bloody love a good documentary – the more obscure the better.

Here are some of my favourite documentaries that are guaranteed to open your mind and get you thinking.

What The Health

This documentary has been a huge hit amongst not just vegans but meat eaters too – so it’s definitely on point for Veganuary.

Although it’s dubbed to be one of the most recent documentaries to get people considering going vegan, technically it’s all about the corruption around preventing chronic diseases.

You’ll certainly end up thinking twice about eating meat – if you still do – and it’s really eye-opening when you learn more about how powerful the media is and how misleading ‘facts’ and ‘figures’ can be.

Madness In The Fast Lane

This oddball short documentary aired back in 2001 but still has tongues wagging all about the mystery behind it.

It focuses on two Swedish sisters – Ursula and Sabrina Erikson – who run across a busy motorway and survive almost unharmed despite being hit by traffic. What happened in the following 24 hours was completely bizarre and will have you gripped to your seats.

The most disturbing part in my eyes? When caught by police on the motorway, Sabrina shouted. “They’re going to steal your organs”, whereas Ursula told a policeman, “I recognise you – I know you’re not real.” My take? Aliens.

Casting JonBenét

Murder and crime documentaries are massive right now thanks to the influx of crime-related podcasts and Netflix documentaries such as Making A Murderer.

But Casting JonBenét is one of the lesser known ones and is based around the death of a six-year-old American child beauty pageant queen.

She was killed in her home in what began with a kidnap but turned into a murder investigation when her body was discovered in the family basement.

To this day, the case hasn’t been solved and has been the centre of many theories – one of which being that the death was faked so that little JonBenét Ramsey could grow up to become a popstar we all know today – Katy Perry. Odd indeed.

Ghosts of the Underground

This documentary is an oldie and can be found simply on YouTube but if you love anything to do with the paranormal – or even use the London underground on a regular basis, you’ll find this short film fascinating.

Given that the underground has such a history – and spans beneath so much of London – it’s no surprise that it’s rumoured to have some hauntings.

This documentary covers a few of its most reputable hauntings but just don’t watch if you’re planning to travel the underground alone and late at night any time soon…

Free To Play

For any gamers out there – this one’s for you. I had no idea that people could game competitively for a cash prize and it wasn’t until I met my boyfriend that I discovered just how popular professional gaming is.

Free To Play follows players competing for million dollar prize in the first Dota 2 International tournament – and really delves into the world of professional gaming. It’s perfect to watch when you’re looking to broaden your mind with something entirely new.





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