The best ways to remove body hair

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It’s 2017 and people need to get over body hair. Whether you want it on or off, it’s your choice and always remember that.

For those that want it gone, let’s go through the best products for removal without hurting yourself. We’ve all experienced the burning feeling so it’s time to talk about the do’s and don’ts for removal creams, waxing, and razors.

Hair removal creams shouldn’t be scary. They save time, provide a smoother result and can be inexpensive.

But if you go too hard on them or don’t choose the right one, it can be beyond painful.

If you want to go for a hair removal cream for your face, go for a sensitive one.

You’ll be surprised that not all creams are aimed at sensitive skin but if you’re new to removal creams or just have sensitive skin, always stick to the soft ones. They allow your skin to get used to the idea of having a heated cream on your face removing all the hair.

Specifically for the face, Veet has brought out a natural facial removal kit. To stop your skin from getting damaged or having a bad reaction, always leave this on for the recommended time. If it starts to hurt or feels odd, you should remove it immediately.

This is the same advice for any removal cream so make sure you always follow the instructions.

If you want to remove hair all over the body with creams, I recommend the in-shower ones. The Veet-In Shower Cream with Aloe Vera is one of the best out there. They allow you to remove hair while following your normal routine, without it taking up too much time.

If you prefer to wax, there are several products out there for you.

When it comes to the face, I prefer using creams because the pain of waxing is way too much for me. But if you’re new to the waxing thing or if you want something gentle the Veet Easy Grip Wax Strips work wonders.

Lasting up to four weeks, the pain slowly goes and leaves you with smooth skin. Formulated with Vitamin E and Almond Oil, this works great to treat your skin after that harsh bit of waxing.

Everyone is normally terrified of waxing but if it’s done well then it shouldn’t be a nightmare.

Always make sure the wax is well applied and if it feels easier always ask someone to remove the wax strips. It’s hard to not do it all in one go so either get it off in one or get someone else to do it.

If you want to go for hot wax and add it to the strips yourself, this is better for someone who has used wax before and is used to it.

The Veet Professional Hard Wax is one of the best to use.

It might sound like I am tooting the Veet horn but they work the best to get smooth results without it being too painful. This wax can be heated in the microwave so it’s easy enough to create smooth results.

Razor lovers out there are normally pushed to the side. Personally, I am a cream and wax lover. I am a definite leg shaver though as I have sensitive skin so wax and creams can be too much. Also arm waxing is the bane of my life and there is no pain like it.

For razors, it’s the Venus ones that blow it out of the park for me. The Venus Swirl Razors have become my favourite ones to use.

They move where you need it to and you avoid getting pesky cuts as you can move it where it needs to go. Think of it like a supportive friend, it only wants to help not hinder you. I

f you’re on the go, they offer a great travel size razor. It still works wonders rather than giving you the worst shave of your life. There’s nothing worse than having a stubbly shave after spending so long to get rid of it all.

Let me know down below what your shaving heroes are and what you would really want to try in the shaving world.





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