5 adventures to have in your own back yard

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Adventures are not hard to find, after all, life is an adventure. However, when people think of adventures, they automatically conjure up images of tropical beaches and far flung destinations.

The world is an adventure and there is so much to see and explore but you don’t need to hop on a plane to experience some adventure.

There is so much to see where you live, in your hometown and in your local area. Adventure can be found right on your doorstep.

Get out into nature

Visiting a new park, going for a walk in the woods or for a hike in the hills are all ways you can explore the beauty of nature without straying too far away from home.

Particularly if you live in the UK, the British countryside is stunning and there are also plenty of National Trust sites you can visit. Nature is beautiful, no matter where in the world it may be so go out for a stroll and clear your cobwebs, it is also great for your mental wellbeing.

Explore local markets

The fun thing about markets is that no two markets are ever the same.

It’s great to shop locally, helping out independents whilst finding unique items that just have the handmade touch you can’t get in the shops. Markets are a great way to feel a sense of community and get a feel for the local culture.

Try a new activity

Once you start looking, you will find that there are plenty of new activities you can try close to home. Live near the beach? Try out surfing. Want to push yourself? Give rock climbing a go. There are also so many little activities you can try out just for a bit of fun, maybe give a trampoline park or an escape room a try!

Check your bucket list

Bucket lists often give visions of paradise vacations and extreme activities. Whilst your home may not be able to tick off the paradise section, you may be able to tick off some activities.

Is there something on your bucket list that you don’t need to travel for? From the extremes of bungee-jumping and skydiving to something more relaxed like glamping or taking up yoga, I’m sure that there will be at least one thing you can tick off your bucket list without heading too far afield.

Visit a new city

If you think you’ve exhausted where you live, why not visit a nearby village, town or city and do some exploring there? Every place has its own little quirks so go out and find them! You may just encounter somewhere you fall in love with.



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