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The underwear that will make having a period easier

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Mooncups, reusable pads, contraceptive tampons – there has been a growth in the methods that women can use to manage their period.

One of the most recent innovations were period proof, leak free, reusable knickers. As someone who suffers from a heavy seven days, a product that would save me money on sanitary products, was intriguing.

New company Thinx has designed underwear that is made from special, magical fabrics which absorb your period. Incredible, right?

You just rinse them out, machine wash them at 30 degrees with your other clothes and then use them again. Money saving and environmentally friendly!

You’ll know if you’ve ever had to use those thick, heavy duty, night-time sanitary products, that they aren’t that comfortable to sleep in.

I would constantly find that I struggled to sleep if I was conscious about how protected I was (especially when sleeping next to someone else). This was what I hoped the period underwear would help.

When I ordered them, I was very sceptical. I thought that they’d be uncomfortable, or a scam or it would feel like wearing a nappy.

But I was intrigued and I had to give it a go. I thought ‘atleast even if I can just wear them to bed, I will probably sleep better without a scratchy pad rubbing against my skin’.

They arrived from America after a week and a half – I had to pay customs which was unfortunate, but I just wanted to give them a go.


I bought four pairs: two hiphuggers, one cheeky and a high waisted pair. The Hiphuggers and high waisted styles can hold up to two tampons worth, and the cheeky is one tampons worth.

When they arrived I ripped them out of the packaging to see what they felt like and see if they fit, luckily they did and they felt really soft. They also looked surprisingly stylish!

The cheeky ones look similar to my normal everyday comfy underwear, and the high waisted style is super cute with mesh panels.

When Aunt Flo arrived, I was almost excited because it meant I had an opportunity to take my Thinx for a spin.

I went for the cheeky pair first, which was a mistake since I had not realised how heavy that day was going to be. After an hour I was scrubbing my jeans in the bathroom sink muttering under my breath that I’d wasted all that money. It was my fault, I hadn’t read my body’s signs and went for the wrong pair of underwear.

I persevered and changed into the hiphuggers, the much ‘sturdier’ of the styles. To my complete surprise, they absorbed everything for about 5 hours.

It didn’t feel uncomfortable or damp, and it was great for lounging around the house and studying.

That night I rinsed my hiphuggers and stuck them in the wash with my poor jeans and some other bits of clothing (everything was fine).

I changed into the high waisted pair, which I wore overnight – with no leaks or uncomfortableness! Score!

I wore another pair of the hiphuggers the next day and had the same success.

The only time I wore a pad, as well as the Thinx, was when I went shopping in town because I wasn’t quite comfortable to ‘free bleed’ away from home just yet. And personally, I still don’t think I will, because I hate the idea of being stuck away from home and being completely screwed.

However, for at home, nipping to the shop up the road and sleeping, Thinx is wonderful and I cannot recommend them enough.

I learned from my mistake and wore my cheeky pair when my period was coming to its end – without any problems. I’m using them for a second time now, and love them just as much as last month.

Thinx have more products than just these three styles, they have thong, sport, boyshort styles, as well as a pair that have ‘Patriarchy-Proof’ printed on them (my next purchase fosure). They even do leotards, unitards and training shorts for those more active than me.

This could be the start of a period revolution. Would you try them out?




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