The signs that you should stop dying your hair

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By the time most young girls have left secondary school, they have already had their fair share of hair dying. It’s not uncommon for most school girls to start dying their hair from the age of 14 or 15.

For most women, this only increases as they get older. Whether it is a subtle change or an extravagant experiment, regular dying can leave you with unforgiving hair.

So when is it time to stop or slow down? Similar to the body, when you are not looking after it, it will naturally tell you.

The most immediate and noticeable sign of hair dying is dryness. If you regularly bleach your hair, this happens a lot quicker.

It is important to remember however, that dry hair can be a result of over washing, too much heat and many other things. Therefore, if you start to notice your hair is drier than usual, it is important to invest in a good hair mask to bring it back to life.

Whilst dry hair isn’t something that should stop you having dye jobs, it is your hairs natural way of telling you it needs some TLC.

But it is important to listen to your hair and if it gets so dry that it requires less washing, then this is probably a sign that you need to slow on your dye jobs.

When you are young and your hair can go four to five days without needing to be washed, it very easy to convince yourself that it is because you have trained your hair that way.

The truth is, your hair is so dry that is struggling to even get greasy, which believe it or not, is not a good thing.

Your hair should be releasing natural oils and whilst no one enjoys the every other day hair wash, if you find yourself not needing to do it, then there is a good chance it is because you have been neglecting your hair.

If you regularly dye your hair the same colour, the chances are it will take a good few years before you notice anything is wrong. But, if you’re somebody who likes to change their hair colour every couple of months, then you will notice the effects more quickly.

One thing to really keep an eye out for, is how long your dye job lasts. Now obviously, if you only do home dyes this will be a shorter period of time. However, you are getting your hair done professionally and the colour is not lasting as well as usual, then it is important to go and talk to your hairdresser.

If this only happens once to you, then there is a good chance that something went wrong in the procedure. However, if you are noticing the colour lasting less and less, then there is a good chance your hair is beginning to reject the dye.

Depending on the colour of your dye, will depend on how it fades; typically, blonde hair will start to turn yellow and brown hair will fade at the end.

One of the more upsetting signs that you need to stop dying your hair, is when it starts to fall out in bulk.

Now unfortunately we all malt and our hair falls out on a regular basis. However, if you start to notice large chunks of your hair falling out, usually during a wash, then this is a big sign to stop dying your hair.

If you find yourself surrounded by a large puddle of hair in the shower, then the chances are it’s reached a point of no return.

Your hair gives you multiple warning signs that it needs to be taken care of. Unfortunately, if you ignore these signs then it will begin to fall out.

If you do find yourself in this situation then the first thing to do is to stop any home dyes and book a consultation with your hairdresser.

Once you start dying your hair, it is typically very difficult to stop as you forget and convince yourself that you do not like your natural colour.

When you hair starts showing signs of damage, it is important that you listen to it. Whilst you may not need to permanently stop dying your hair, you should give it a bit of a break in order for it to rejuvenate itself.




    1. I think we all made that mistake! I went red for about 2 years and whilst I absolutely loved it, when it was time to remove it, I had such streaky hair that I had to cut it all off into a bob! x

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