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I didn’t wear makeup for a week and look what happened

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It’s crunch time, exams are starting to begin and it’s not the ideal time for me to be spending time putting on makeup. To be honest I can’t be bothered. I just wanna get up and go about with my day.

So I decided that for one week I wouldn’t wear makeup.

As someone who loves a full face and really likes to go all out this challenge scares me a lot.

But seeing as I have so much going on at the moment I don’t really expect it to affect me or get in the way.

Except it did.

For the first day I was in the University library. I noticed a lot of stares as I walked through the corridors, more than what I usually notice. But I just tried to shake it off.

Then it got towards food time and I realised more and more people were looking at me, It started to become uncomfortable but I didn’t wanna let it shake me. These are people I don’t know and they know nothing about me so why am I bothered.

I carried on with my day as normal and got my work done. I then decided to destress at the gym.

Now for me I always wear makeup to the gym. It will be very light makeup but I’ve always felt comfortable with a little bit on. As I go into the function sections where I only ever seem to be the only female in there it’s always a little daunting. I tried to walk in confident and for a while in there I was unphased.

But when I started doing weights I looked in the mirror and saw how bad my skin was. People around me kept on staring and I felt like everyone’s eyes were on me.

The first day was rough, and I expected it to be. Day 2 and 3 were fine it went like a breeze really. But day 4 was one of the worst.

I was in work this day and I’ve only ever not worn makeup to work twice so my makeup face is a normal sight for them to see. But it’s beyond discouraging to have every person you work with come up and ask if you’re ill.

Just because they’re seeing something different. I got referred to as customers as rough and it got me thinking a lot.

I wear makeup because I enjoy it. Yes I have bad skin but there’s bigger problems in the world.

Why does the attention have to be placed on my skin when there isn’t about 70 layers of makeup on it? This shouldn’t happen. This shouldn’t be viewed as a cry for help. Instead see it as me just making a different choice that isn’t for you to assume anything.

After this disastrous day I decided to look myself in the face for the next 3 days and remind myself that not wearing makeup isn’t a massive deal.

I got so caught up in having my skin looking good I overlooked the fact that makeup doesn’t define me. I shouldn’t’ feel scared or anxious when not wearing it.

No one in the world expects me to wake up with perfectly good eyeliner so why am I bothered by the stares.

The days after this were bliss. I stopped noticing people and allowed my skin to have a break.

My skin got a full clean and revamp that week and I actually enjoyed it towards the end. I liked being able to just have a change, but in the future I don’t think I will do it for that long again. Come day 5 I was itching to pick up my makeup brushes and try a new look. But I did enjoy seeing how I feel without wearing makeup all the time.




  1. I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis but still really enjoy wearing some when i have the time. When I had really heavy acne on my cheeks, it was hard not to wear makeup at first, but confidence comes when you get used to it 🙂 I slowly learned to embrace my skin no matter how good it looks, and now that only a few scars remain I can say that the only thing that matters is feeling good in your own skin.


  2. I also suffer from acne, lately hormonal acne that flares up for a week, and then goes away. My biggest issue is the scarring left behind. I always want to wear makeup, even if it’s just concealer or a light amount to hide those scars away.
    I’ve been taking breaks from putting on makeup every other week, and I’ve finally gotten confident enough to where I can go out without makeup if I need too. I like how makeup makes me feel, but it takes time to get yourself comfortable without it. I’m not reliant on makeup as much as I used to be. I love my skin as it is.

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    1. Yeah! but it’s remember that people don’t know what’s happening with your life and skin and you don’t know there’s they secretly may love the fact you’ve braved bare skin

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  3. Last year I really struggled with putting makeup on in the mornings and loved going bare faced. I am not sure if I would do it now though, as I have a new job with new people! I am so glad you have got that confidence boost from doing this xo

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  4. I struggle with my skin too, recently I had 2 weeks off work as holiday and didn’t wear makeup at all. You do definitely see a difference and feel so much better for it! Never let anyone’s stares make you feel uncomfortable x

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  5. I, too, suffer from acne prone skin. I love to have on a full face of makeup at all times because it’s fun to apply. Lately, I’ve not been wearing makeup to work. At first, it shocked everyone. But after I saw how much my skin cleared up by giving it a break, it was easy for me to only do my makeup when I felt like it. It also saves me a ton of time in the mornings and money (because let’s face it; being fabulous ain’t cheap).

    I’m glad you wear makeup because you like it and not because it’s something to hide behind. I think that’s a common misconception especially for us girls with less than flawless skin.


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