Life hacks for a busy girl

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You know the saying “expect the unexpected”? Well, sometimes, that actually works. If you’re in a hurry, or just cannot be bothered with your usual routine, these ‘hacks’ are bound to come in use at some point.


Do you have a cracked nail? Or worse: is the edge of your nail hanging off? There’s an easy fix for that.

Cut off a tiny part of a tea bag. With a top coat, use this to fix the nail back together, with the tea bag acting as a bridge between the two. The top coat seals this together. (It also makes your nail that little bit stronger.)

Are you bored of your current nail colours? Or are you in a bit of a rush, and need to manicure your nails?

Put a strip of Washi Tape over the nail-and seal it with a base coat. Once try, cut away the excess of Washi.

Need a discounted beauty product or two? Try Fragrance Direct.

Lookinf for a way to make your cheekbones stand out? Invest in a tube of Dr Paw Paw, the multipurpose balm-and dot it along your cheekbones. Blend it into your cheek.

This balm is a lifesaver for everything-and does more than just acting as a lip balm. If you have a lighter skin tone, pink is advisable; if you have a darker skin tone, red stands out more.

Create a really accurate cat flick is to use a piece of tape. Stick it in the position of where you would have the flick (so just slightly under your eye), and then use it as a guide to draw the flick on.


Breakfasting before an interview? Put your dressing gown on over your clothes, to prevent food staining them. (A particularly helpful suggestion by one Twitter user!)

Need a quick solution to polish your shoes? Try hand sanitiser.

Briefly squirt a tiny amount on the shoe, rub around, then wipe. Mad Beauty has hand sanitisers desiged as a spray, which are a bit more effective in comparison to a gel.


Sometimes we feel as if our look needs a revamp; you can easily do this with a pair of jeans. (This dates back to the now defunct blog, Gem Fatale.)

With a pair of jeans, rub tiny amount of bleach over your jeans. (The more the use, the bigger the patches will be.)  Leave to dry, then wash them out to avoid the bleach.


Sign up for as many discounts as possible. (Seems a no-brainer, doesn’t it?) But many membership schemes have benefits once you sign up-such as Krispy Kreme. You get a doughnut when joining up, and a treat on your birthday.

Paperchase also has a brilliant membership scheme-with free click and collect, and a gift on your birthday.

Use Etsy for gifts. If you are looking for something inexpensive, stylish, this website has you covered; you would also be supporting small businesses.

Check out our other money saving life hacks here.






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