10 tips to help you survive a long haul flight

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So you finally get on the plane after queuing for ages to drop your luggage off and get through security, and now you’re faced with a 6h+ flight…

Here are 10 tips for surviving that long haul flight:

Comfort is key

Firstly, you want to be comfortable and not worrying about not being able to move in those tight jeans or uncomfortable top for 8 hours, so make sure to wear something you feel comfortable in.

Wearing lots of layers can also be a good idea in case you get cold on flights. Pack an extra pair of cosy socks so you can snuggle up and enjoy your flight!

Catch up on some Z’s

Take this as an opportunity to sleep! If you are going to sleep it is a good idea to try to adjust your body clock to the time zone that you are flying to and avoid the jetlag.

Try not to sleep when it’s midday in your new time zone; on the other hand if it is night-time in the country you are flying to, maybe don’t get that extra coffee!

Eye masks and earplugs are essential if you find it hard to sleep with multiple distractions, and travel pillows are also good for maximising comfort.

Take time to read

Long haul flights are perfect for getting stuck into that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages, so make sure to pack a good book to pass the time.

The better the book, the shorter your flight will feel! We’ve put together a list of some of our favourites that are perfect for when you’re not in the reading mood.

Movie marathon

Alternatively, lots of airlines now have a good selection of in-flight entertainment, so why not check out the film selection and catch up on all those blockbusters without feeling guilty for being a couch potato?!

Listen to music and podcasts

Before you go, why not create a playlist of all your favourite songs? This can be a great way to wind down, relax and have some quality ‘you’ time.

Or if you’re into podcasts download a few and you’re all set!

Strike up conversation

Obviously if the passenger next to you is fast asleep, or engrossed in a book maybe don’t try and start a conversation!

But maybe you’ll be sitting next to your future soulmate or you might just meet someone really interesting and make new friends.

Be prepared

Buying snacks on the plane can be very expensive so be sure to stock up on a couple of snacks before you reach the airport, as that money could be better spend on your travels, perhaps local food, or on new experiences!

Be productive

Use this time to get ahead on some reading you need to do, or write some blog posts! You could write a post about your travel expectations before you arrive, or polish up some drafts you’ve had stored away.

Exercise your mind

Now it’s very hard to stay physically active on a long haul flight, but this doesn’t mean you can’t exercise your mind!

Books full of brainteasers and puzzles such as crosswords or sudoku are good ways of keeping your mind active, and can be a nice break from technology.

Have your essentials to hand

During a long flight these are items are essential in freshening up and you can get mini bottles that are under 100ml which are perfect to take on planes.

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste/ mouthwash
  • Tissues
  • Face wipes




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