Moving Out

Why it is OK to live at home still

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Where do you live?

With my parents


Oh cool!

Raise your hands if this has happened to you.

It does not matter how old you are and at what stage of your life you’re at. Although if you are still living at home in your mid 40s, then you should ask yourself some questions.

Still, it seems that living at home through university or after graduation is not well seen. But here are five reasons why it is absolutely fine to live at home still!

You are not ready to leave

The world is big and can be scary. Home is warm, comfy and reassuring. Really, who would want to leave that behind?

Going far away from home is exciting and an adventure but not everyone is emotionally mature enough to do it straight out of high school or university.

If you need extra time, then take it. It’s better than a precipitated departure that will make you fail because you were not able to cope. Being alone and independent is not easy and some need more time to get used to the idea. And it is fine.

You don’t need to leave

Each situation is different. We both moved to bigger cities for university, but we didn’t have to. We did it because we wanted to.

Kirsty could have commuted but for several reasons wanted to leave home. She wanted to be independent and closer to uni. The decision is yours but just know if you don’t need to leave your home and you are okay with studying in your home town, then stay at home. For her last year Kirsty actually decided to move back home and commute for different reasons.  

The same applies if you have finished university and you need some time to get your things back together after graduation. You got a job? Amazing. You want to rent a flat? You go girl!

Do you have money for the deposit and first month upfront payment? Nope. No worries. Stay at home for a few months and save money. It’s better to be prepared than making that new experience a negative one.

You save money

Do you know how expensive flats are? Renting can become expensive when you add up all the bills. So it makes total sense as a student to stay at home if your parents live close to university, whether it is a village nearby or just next door.

As a young professional, and as mentioned above, you won’t have a lot of money ready to be spent on a deposit, rent, agency fees and all other expenses you’ll have to take care of.

Although your parents will rarely ask you to pay for your room and groceries, you can contribute if you want too. But overall, your expenses will be so minimal that you will be able to save enough money to pay upfront for a flat and have your rent sorted for a few months.

You’ve got time to figure things out

You’ve finished university and graduated. Yeah, congrats! What is going to happen next? You have no idea and that’s okay. It happened to a lot of us. You need time to figure it out and staying at your parents while you do it is the best option.

If you want to stay busy, you can always find a temporary job nearby. You’ll still be making money and have time to think about your future.

You want to go self-employed

Starting a new company is an adventure. It is like jumping in the unknown. You have an idea, want to see it come to life but you might not have all the means to do so.

Going back home to start your company is both brave and wise. Brave because it takes a lot of courage to put your pride aside. Wise because you won’t be making any money in the first few months, so cutting out major expenses is the best thing to do. You’ll be able to save on rent, transport, bills… and invest more money in your business.

Whatever your situation is, remember that you live your life for yourself. Make decisions according to what is best for you.

You have plenty of time to live on your own later, if today you want to say at home do so. You won’t regret it, because let’s be honest: what’s best than your mum’s cooking? If the reasons above haven’t persuaded you yet, this one probably did.




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