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Charity shops, it’s time to stop the stigma

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Vintage clothes are in. Which means your dad’s oversized jumper is now fashionable. More and more people are giving into the vintage trend, things from years ago are a big hit. But they all come at a big price.

Urban Outfitters will try to sell this trend to you for £30-£50 why are you spending that much when you can check out a charity shop. Support a good cause and not break the bank.

When it comes to charity shopping people really turn their nose up at it but why? As a lover of thrift shops it’s unclear to me why people don’t like this idea.

Why would you want to pay a higher price for something when there are cheaper options out there.

You can find some real gems in a charity shop it’s just a case of looking and knowing how to do it right.

The main thing for charity shops is going in with a fresh mind. Don’t assume that everything has been worn by someone as a lot of stuff from Charity shops nowadays comes from people’s wardrobes. That untouched section of clothes that haven’t seen the outside world since they were on that hanger. It’s good to go in being optimistic.

On the subject of optimism if you do find something that is good but not spot on something you could wear or use at this exact second think about how you can change it or wear it differently.

I went through a massive phase of transforming mens shirts into shirts women can wear. But altering how you wear them you transform that £3 shirt into something you will keep and wear for a long time.

Also going in with something in mind can be good. I tend to have a look in with a purpose. If I’m on the hunt for a jumper or pants I won’t stop looking until I see them. On the way you’ll find the little gems that make the investment worth it. It’s hard to go in looking when you haven’t got a clue what you want.

If you’re looking to follow a trend do respect that charity shops aren’t places like Primark and Topshop that thrive off of trends.

You won’t find that signature puffer jacket. But you will find something similar. Take charity shops as a chance to change the trend but for you. Have your own spin on the trends. We don’t need to follow the trends so why stick to them?

Charity shops are a place that you really do have to have a proper mooch in. They aren’t somewhere you can just walk in and see everything you need.

They require a bit of cooperation and the understanding that you won’t just see everything at first glance.

By having a look round you could come across some right gems. It’s just taking that plunge and walking in.

If you’re a die hard online shopper the charity shop world is changing. Places like Oxfam are now putting their stuff online. So you can see what’s online and have a real mooch without leaving your bed and still supporting a good cause.

Let’s beat the Charity shop stigma and get the goods in for lower prices. It’s time to support a local places rather than the big businesses.




  1. Nice post, I think that charity shopping is so nice as well. When it comes to the stigma, I’ve heard people say that they would never thrift shop because clothes that were worn by other people are gross and disgusting (no joke). Too bad for them haha


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