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What is night cream and why is it important?

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Achieving flawless skin is a desire that most of us have. As a result, we will do anything and everything to make sure we attain this. Therefore, we typically buy into the products that the skincare world tells us we must have.

Night-cream is one of those products and whilst it has been out for a long, there is a massive emphasis on it being a crucial part of your routine.

The question that many of us have however is, does it work or is just another marketing technique to get us to spend our cash?

Although this may occasionally be the case, on the most part night-creams play an important role in looking after your skin.

Our skin cannot tell time, but it does run on the circadian cycle of our internal body clocks. During the day, our skin is exposed to sunlight, pollution, stress and many other things. But at night whilst it may feel drier, just as our bodies are, it is recovering and regenerating.

It is for this reason that night creams are so important as they should specifically be designed to help this process.

What’s in it?

No matter the issue that the product claims to target, i.e. anti-aging, dullness or dryness, night creams or night masks should all have ingredients that help with the renewal of skin cells.

The big ones that you will hear every skincare expert talking about are Retinol, Glycerin and Glycolic Acid.

The first is considered one of the best at reversing sun damage, evening out the skin tone and helping with anti-aging.

Glycerin is used to trap in water and moisture that might otherwise escape.

The later works as a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and thereby helping the rejuvenation process. If you are ever on the hunt for a good night-cream but are unsure as to what works, these are the ingredients to look out for along with all your vitamins!

How does it work?

As night-creams are typically thicker in consistency to day-creams, they are packed with moisture. Whilst you are sleeping, all of this moisture is sinking into your skin without any disturbance. Therefore, when you wake up in the morning your skin is hydrated and glowing.

Although your day-time moisturiser can be beneficial at night, it’s typically thinner consistency means it’s not quite sinking into the skin with the same effect.

But this doesn’t mean that you should start wearing your night-cream all round the clock as it could potentially have a reverse effect.

By using different day and night creams you are telling your skin what point of the circadian cycle it should be on. By doing so, your skin will start resting and repairing a lot quicker than it would without the separate products!

What products should I try?

Everyone is different and it may take a while to find the night cream that is right for your skin. But we’ve listed our favourites below;

Soap and Glory night cream – £13
The Body Shop drops of youth bouncy sleeping mask – £25
Sarah Chapman overnight facial – £49
Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel – £54
Charlotte Tilbury Magic night cream – £100




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