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The confidence I gain with makeup

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Makeup can do wonderful things and not necessarily just physically. For many people, makeup is able to give a new character of confidence in their personality. Whether you simply wear a bit of concealer to cover a blemish or a full face, it can do wonders for your mental wellbeing.

Although the ‘mask’ of makeup is typically seen as a negative thing, for the person behind it there are many positive outlets.

For many women and men, makeup is able to give a boost in their stride.

When I wear makeup, not only it does show everyone else that I am awake and alert but it also makes me feel this way. Without makeup, I typically feel tired and low. Believe it or not, this is the way many people who wear makeup feel.

Although this may point to a lack in self-confidence, makeup is a way to enhance ones natural features rather than changing them.

When makeup is used as a way to entirely distract from ones appearance then this is where there may be an issue. But, when it used to boost ones confidence and simply enhance facial aspects then there are many positive things to come out of this.

Many studies have shown that wearing makeup boosts confidence, attitude and personality. Makeup for both the good and the bad can act as a barrier so that you can show the stronger and more confident side of yourself. This can come in very handy in many situations, both in your professional and personal life.

For example, walking into an interview without makeup on would automatically make me feel shy and nervous. As a result, I probably wouldn’t get a job.

Similarly, going on a date or to a social gathering without makeup would have the same effect.

This just goes to show the impact makeup can have on ones persona. By simply wearing makeup, the ability to think well about oneself is greatly increased.

Makeup has many good and bad qualities but for so many people it gives them a confidence they simply wouldn’t have without it.

Whilst it is important to love your natural skin and not rely on makeup to do so, there is nothing wrong with feeling extra confident when you wear it.

As long as you know that you feel confident in yourself with or without makeup, then boosting your mood with a popping highlighter can never be a bad thing.

Could you go without makeup for a whole week? Our head lifestyle writer Chloe did – find out how it affected her.



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