7 podcasts you need to start listening to today


Not sure what to do with your long commute? Or are you wishing for an alternative to Netflix? Well, podcasts are the answer to both of those questions; here are 7 you need to start listening to.


If you like true-crime, this is the one for you. Daniel Morgan was a private detective as part of his company, Southern Investigations.

In the late eighties, he was brutally murdered in the car park of a London pub. And yet: no one has ever served justice for his death. It also ended up being the most investigated murder in British history, with five failed enquires.

Since then, Daniel’s family has been subjected to threats, and much more.

His brother, Alistair, tells the story, with investigative journalist Peter Jukes contributing commentary and research. The background music, and the work of this duo, is what makes the podcast truly compelling.

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Again, this is a true crime podcast. Following the horrific murder of Maria James in Australia, there has been a sort of informal review of the case.

However, Trace invites people involved in the case on air, interviews them, and has even opened up new lines of enquiry. There are also bombshell allegations throughout about the role of suspects, with new leads being brought into focus.

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Media Masters

Are you interested in magazines, newspapers, or online publications? This one is for you.

There’s an interview with a senior journalist when there’s a new upload; a particular favourite of mine is Farrah Storr, Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK).

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Is It Just Me?

A product of Glamour Magazine, the predecessor of this podcast was previously “Hey, It’s Okay.”

With every upload, there’s an interview with a celebrity, which sounds more like a girl’s night out chinwag. It will have you giggling on your commute, eager for the next instalment.

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The High Low

The High Low takes its name from Tina Brown, a legendary journalist who edited Vanity Fair (US), when it had been a brand that was loosing money. Her approach was to combine the highs and lows and to put it into the magazine, because you can have celebrity, but you can be intellectual.

On the podcast, there will be a guest (including Tina!), interspersed with discussion, news commentary, and laughter.

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Ctrl, Alt, Delete.

Emma Gannon is an incredibly successful Blogger. She is also funny. What more could you possibly want?

The podcast is largely based around an interview with a guest, and, as Emma Gannon’s website puts it, “Their relationship with the internet”. Perfection for a millennial woman.

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Call your girlfriend

“A long distance podcast for besties everywhere” is the strap-line for this podcast, and it could not be more apt.

There’s frank discussion about world events, updates about how the cast are doing, readings from fan male-with problems solved on air-and discussions about common issues. And to date, there has been almost 150 episodes.

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