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5 ways to make your commute bearable

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Those early mornings and late evening journeys travelling to and from school, university or work can sometimes be boring and often drag, especially if there is traffic or delays!

If your commute takes around 30 minutes and the same on your journey home, you are travelling for around 5 hours per week and 20 hours in a month. If your commute is even longer, then that is a considerable amount of hours you use up. Why not use these hours productively, be being organised, getting your brain awake and alert ready for the day ahead or spend the time relaxing and enjoying some of your favourite hobbies or learning some new skills.

Here are 5 things that you can do to help make your commuting journey more enjoyable and less stressful:

Plan your journey!

There is nothing worse that waking up late and missing your bus or train or when you’re travelling during rush hour, and it’s very busy and you don’t have time to look at the departure boards. Plan your journey ahead, by downloading apps or following your local transport network on social media, to receive regular updates about platform information, delays etc.

Listen to music!

We often lead very busy lives, and sometimes we don’t leave enough time to relax. Music can be very therapeutic, so why not listen to all your favourite artists or discover new music on your journey.

Read newspapers / magazines / books / blogs!

Find out what’s going on around the world, catch up on all the latest showbiz gossip, transport your mind and imagination in a fantastic book or read about some beauty and lifestyle tips or travel and event recommendations.

Play puzzle games such as Sudoku or crosswords!

Playing puzzle games is great for exercising your brain and protecting it from decline. These style of games can also help you to improve your memory, increase your vocabulary and help improve your problem solving skills.

Learn a new language!

Being exposed to a language through audio is one of the best ways of helping you to learn a new language and helping your brain to absorb it. There are lots of great free apps that you can download onto your phone or tablet, including Duolingo and HelloTalk .




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