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The alternative options you have instead of going to university

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University is not for everyone. And it’s not the end of the world if you decide not to go. After all, it’s for you to decide what you wish to do for a career. Once leaving mandatory state education, there are a variety of options for you as to what to do next:


These usually last for at least a year. It’s a way for you to learn ‘on the job’, and getting paid for what you do.

It’s best to talk to your career advisor, or to investigate further yourself: decide what career you wish to do, and apply in that field.

Going into the world of work

Another alternative for you is.. to get a job. Going into the world of work can be scary for the first time.

It could be for the job you wish to do-such as an entry-level position at a magazine-or it could be a job, simply designed to pay rent and for food. That way, it could act as a transition in getting into your chosen career.

Diplomas/other qualifications

This could act as a stepping stone towards your career, or you could do it simply for intellectual fulfilment.

For instance: some industry figureheads in journalism would suggest doing an NCTJ qualification. This qualification allows you to learn particular skills needed for the industry-such as Shorthand, InDesign. It also teaches you theory you need-Law and Public Affairs.

Gap years

If you can’t decide as to what to do next, an option worth considering is to take a gap year. Whilst taking a gap year, you would need to the responsibility for basic things such as rent, food, bills, your income, etc.

When on your gap year, you could also go travelling-such as backpacking, which some expats tend to do stereotypically. And it’s worth doing it whilst you’re still young.



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