Biker jackets; finding the one that’s right for you

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Biker jackets are a garment of clothing that suits everyone. It can also be used for virtually every occasion-going from work to date night, to cocktails or dinner with your parents.

There is something for everyone; whether you wish to invest in a more pricey option (usually leather), or with faux fur, they suit everyone.

We’ve put together the perfect list of biker jackets to help you find the one for you.


Are you going from work to a date night? Then this is the perfect jacket for you! A jacket that’s black looks professional, however with the detachable faux fur collar, it has a flirtatious edge.

Or: for a bright pop of colour, this is the right antidote. Pink can be seen as ‘girly’ if it’s too overdone; it can sometimes be ridiculed for being too feminine. But this jacket will ensure that you stand out for all the right reasons.

New Look Pu Biker Jacket £39.99

New Look

For a day of lectures at University, or for studying at the library, you’ll need the right jacket. This jacket by New Look has a ‘studenty’ feel, and is on the cheaper side of Biker jackets at £29.99.


Can’t decide on the colour you want for a jacket? Bershka has this faux leather jacket available in five different colours. The belt allows you to adopt a carefree feel, but is also professional enough to take you from a job interview to cocktails, to a date night dinner.

Bershka Faux Leather Biker Jacket £22.50


Asos have a lot of affordable options, as well as variety, to suit all budgets.

If you wish for a cheaper option, or you prefer to be leather free, then this jacket may be the one for you. As a cropped pink biker jacket, it adds a particular edge to your look, and is not too overstated or kitsch.

Or, if you are looking for more of an investment jacket, try this. Blue is a subtle colour, and it suits nearly everyone: it’s also very Friends-esque

If you are looking for a jacket that makes you stand out, this red ‘number‘ is for you. Again, it’s cropped slightly at the back, giving you an edge. It would be perfect for a party.


Fancy adding a rock-chic vibe to your outfits? Or are you going to a concert? Either way, a jacket with a fringe detailing is a must have. Although slightly more pricey at nearly 60 pounds, it would surely last a long time, therefore being a worthwhile investment.

Finally, a Suede jacket can also be a good option. Done right, it looks good in these wintery months, and can also be very warming. If you are looking for a pop of colour, try this berry shade. Or, if you prefer something less bold, try this neutral shade will go with anything.





  1. Such a good post! This is something I’ve actually always struggled with.The fit is always so difficult so it’s great to find one that actually looks right!! x


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