6 things you should do every morning without fail

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Mornings, if you’re like me they’re the hardest part of the day. Leaving the blanket burrito, you’ve made yourself, getting ready to brace the cold. It may currently be the most difficult part of your day but here’s a few things to make your daily routine that little bit better.

Make your bed

As cliché as it sounds making your bed everyday is the first accomplishment you make.

By already completing a task as soon as you wake up, you’re ready to get stuck into the rest of your day.

Although small it gives you a sense of achievement which will boast your mood for the day!

Eat something!

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, it’s not like you haven’t heard that before and you’ve gone plenty of days without breakfast and you’ve felt just fine but it’s practically science!

It helps your body and your mind get ready for the day ahead. There are plenty of quick, easy, breakfast bars available, you don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey.

Make yourself a winner

When you win something, you get a flow of happiness glide through you, you smile and it’s as if the world has made you feel special.

Completing a small task has the same effect too. You’ve completed something, you’ve won! Write yourself a list and tick something off before you leave the house.

It doesn’t hurt to say hello

Grumpiness and moodiness will seep into your day if you don’t start the mornings right, so say hello to someone, ask them how they are, start a conversation. It’s early but it will start your day right.

Put on your favourite playlist

Blast out those old school bangers! Sing at the top of your lungs and dance around the room like nobody is watching.

If it makes you smile, make the time

Everyone is different and there is something that you everyday that puts a smile on your face, however small.

Jumping out and scaring your sibling or partner, cuddling your pet or re watching that hilarious meme again for the 100th time, whatever it is that makes your smile, do it!

Don’t let the mornings get you down, help them lift you up.





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