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Are subscription boxes worth it?

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These days, subscription boxes seem to be everywhere. On Twitter, there’s a contest seemingly daily to win a new box; there are new box launches. Even websites such as The Metro and sometimes Buzzfeed share articles such as “43 subscription boxes that make perfect last minute gifts.”

There is something for everyone, from monthly vegan snacks and surprise toys for your cats, to silky knickers arriving in the mail bimontly and self care essentials.

First: What are subscription boxes?

The idea of a subscription box is that for a period of time, be it monthly, weekly, yearly – you decide, you receive a themed box of items through the post.

The box could be anything, a kit to make cheese toasties (from the company called Cheese Posties), to beauty products (Birchbox.)

With some boxes, you can decide your own preferences, or what is sent every month can be a surprise.


To be a subscriber is really convenient. You could use being a subscriber as a ‘housekeeping’ exercise; you wouldn’t have to go shopping for essentials.

Instead, they would be there, waiting for you after work, saving you a monotonous trip.

Subscription boxes are also cost effective. Take Pink Parcel, the period subscription box. At £12.99 for a box, it contains either Tampons or Pads, as well as self care ‘treats’.

The more you buy into the subscription box however, like subscribing for a longer period of time, the cost per item reduces.

Subscribing could also be useful for practising self-care more regularly; subscribing could be a treat. For instance, who wouldn’t want a pair of silky knickers through the post every month?


A lot of the available subscription boxes rely on the element of surprise; ultimately, when subscribing to some boxes, your preferences are not taken into account, and you have to wait to see what’s in the box when it arrives.

The element of surprise can be divisive to some people; after all, if you dislike what is in your box, then it seems like you haven’t got your money’s worth.


Ultimately, there is something for everyone, you just need to shop around to decide what you want to subscribe to.

The new ‘boom’ of subscription boxes caters for everyone, enough so that your preferences are taken into account. When subscribing, it’s worth looking around at similar boxes to see if they match what you want.

Where do I get started?

Do you like Cheese? Like, really like Cheese? Then Cheese Posties is the Subscription box for you. This subscription box is essentially a DIY kit as to how to make a Cheese Toastie. It even comes with some rarefied ingredients some weeks. You can also state your flavour preferences.

Stationery lovers, you’ll love this subscription box: Pocket Notebooks. Pocket Notebooks specialises in wonderful notebooks from across the globe, including the US, France, and beyond.

Ninja Book Box is a small business; the people behind it also run the London Bookshop Crawl. You get a parcel of a book (or two) with an abstract theme.




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