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#ActuallyICan: Celebrating women in sport

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For many women, being a sports fan can be tough. We constantly have to deal with people questioning our knowledge of sports or our ability to compete when women can have the same attributes as men.

In the UK, we are blessed with some of the world’s top female athletes across tonnes of sports; these women are the top of their game through hard work, dedication and sacrifice, just like the men. But for some reason, they don’t always get as much recognition as the men.

How many women’s sports games/matches are there on TV on a regular basis? Apart from during the Olympics, we don’t often see women sports live on TV which is a real shame.

It might be a drop in the ocean but here at the Growing Up Guide, we wanted to celebrate some amazing women who work in sports in this country and do an amazing job!

Nicola Adams

The Smiling Assassin, Nicola Adams, has been at the forefront of women’s boxing since winning the very first women’s boxing title at London 2012 and she repeated that in Rio 4 years later.

She turned professional in 2017 and is undefeated so far in her pro career. She is also openly bisexual, something which she has always been vocal about.

Laura Kenny

Possibly one of the chattiest athletes on the planet, Laura Kenny is the athlete who would be such a great best friend!

Laura dominates any cycling event she seems to enter and with four Olympic gold medals to her name, she is the most successful female athlete for Team GB.

After Rio 2016, she took time out to have baby Albert (born August 2017) and is back on the bike already! She’s such a girly girl (she’s in charge of hair on Team GB) and she never competes without having her nails done either!

Johanna Konta

British No 1, Konta, is the best hope we have had in British tennis since Andy Murray came on the scene.

In 2017, she reached the semi-finals of Wimbledon, losing to Venus Williams in straight sets and won the Miami Open in April.

She was also on the list for BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year 2017 too. She’s also an avid baker and we love her Instagram!

Bianca Walkden

Liverpool’s very own Bianca Walkden has had an amazing couple of years. After a bronze in taekwondo Rio in 2016, she went on to become world champion in 2017 and has only been beaten once since Rio.

We admire her never-give-up attitude and ambition. She has the confidence to say she wants to be the best and delivers the performances. She’s only 26 so expect more from her in the lead up to Tokyo 2020.

Hannah Cockroft

If you’re looking for a woman who dominates, Hannah Cockroft is your woman. She has won gold in every event she’s entered since 2011.

She has 5 Paralympic gold medals and 10 World Championship golds to her name at 100m, 400m and 800m T34. She has also been incredibly vocal about recent classification re-testing for Para-athletes as well as trying to further her education at the same time as training.

These ladies are just a handful of the incredible sportswomen we have in this country; there are so many more in the sports industry as a whole, not just playing but commentating, running sports clubs, coaching, physiotherapy.

There is a role model in every single sport; not only do they have to work incredibly hard to get to the top but they have to overcome many obstacles just been a women working in sports.

Even though it may seem that sport is just for men, these women are leading the way with their kick-ass attitudes and winning ways!



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