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The current beauty essentials to take with you when travelling

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So you’re off travelling for a couple of days. Whether it’s heading to a new place or going to another city, there is always packing involved. You don’t need to take everything but there are some bits you really shouldn’t leave behind.

I’m not going to rhyme on about decanting and bringing your little travel sizes. I’m here to talk you through the products you need to take with you whether it’s in mini or full size.

Trying to keep your routine the same as before is key. You get those horrid breakouts which is the last thing you need.

For a cleanser essential, I recommend you to  the L’Oreal Pure Flowers Cleansing Milk.  This is liquid, cleansing gold. You only require this and a cotton pad or a cloth to wipe away any makeup and dirt.

It isn’t heavy on the skin and reminds me of a hybrid between the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Pond’s Cold cream. This can be used all round and in the colder months I like to use this with a hot cloth as it helps to warm up that skin especially if I’ve been out all day exploring.

To keep that skin moisturised I would stick to the Garnier Moisture Bomb Super-Hydrating-3 In 1 Moisturiser. New discovery for my makeup travel bag and oh boy am I happy I checked this out.

It’s one of the best products to use to add the moisture back into your skin. After a long day of flights or just general travel your skin gets rough and really needs a bit of help. Pop this on and your skin is sorted.

Foundation is the main thing you should always try to keep standard. I personally have stopped using foundation for the moment but a great one for travelling is the L’Oreal True Match Foundation.

It’s one of the best buildable foundations out there – light enough if you like a BB cream kind of base but it can be easily built up to full coverage. I’ve been on an all day flight with this on (risky I know) and it worked great. My skin looked and felt great which for such a long haul flight I was beyond surprised.

When I’m travelling I always have to pack light. When it comes to makeup, you sadly can’t bring everything. You want to get something that carries all your essentials.

There are so many palettes out there that offer all you need but the Barry M Fall in Love palette is the one you need to grab quick.

This eyeshadow palette is lightweight and features so many shades that you can get a number of looks out of this. I use this on a daily basis as it’s so handy to carry round with you wherever you go.

The last essential you need is a highlight and contour duo. They are essential products now in the makeup world and they are so much easier to carry round when they are packed together. Freedom Makeup have got you covered here. This bronzed highlight duo features the shades you need to get that contour and highlight on point.




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