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Digital detoxing: Cutting down on screen time and learning to switch off

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It’s the start of yet another month and with it comes the endless questioning of “What’s your plans and goals? Did you stick to your resolutions?”  But there is something about the beginning of a new months, and a new year, to quote High School Musical “the start of something new.”

Seriously though, people’s New Year’s resolutions are still everywhere despite it being February; clean eating on Facebook, dry January on Twitter and fitness routines on Instagram.

It dawned on me I’d had enough of endless scrolling, that was when I realised my resolution was to start a digital detox.

A digital detox is when you log off, disconnect, switch off. Something which does not come naturally to any of us, me especially.

Our mobile phones/laptops/tablets are practically another body part, attached to us all at some point or another. Side note; This is not an article that’s going to hate on technology.

Our whole lives are now at the swipe of a finger; our bank accounts, our social media and through our cameras, a second set of eyes. You know what? That’s great, but it’s only great if you’re not totally immersed.

I couldn’t count the wasted minutes/hours/days I’ve spent endlessly scrolling on various apps or sites. For me now? I’ve realised I’d much rather be without that and relearn to actually live in the moment, something we all talk about, but we don’t actually do.

So, can you go cold turkey? I didn’t and if you have the dedication to live fully without then go for it!

Instead I’ve made a few small changes which if I stick with them enough will develop into a habit. With exam season upon us, personally I couldn’t think of a better time to reclaim your time.

Stop running for the charger

Now I know when that notification pops up saying ‘Low Battery, 10% remaining’ I immediately almost stop what I’m doing and run for the charger. Why? Chances are there’s nothing interesting going on, on our phones.

Instead I’ve started just letting my phone run out and not putting it back on charge until I’m in bed and ready to sleep. It has actually stopped me from scrolling for ages in bed and keeping me up later than I’d like to be.

Out of sight, out of mind

There’s a lot to be said about this phrase. Leaving your device somewhere else works really well for when you have a lot to do.

For example; if you’re writing an essay in your bedroom and your phone is in the kitchen, you’ll physically have to leave what you’re doing to get your phone which will seem like more effort than it’s worth.

Use apps to track and lessen your usage

There are many apps you can download on both IOS and Android which can help monitor the amount of time per day you spend on your phone and stop you from accessing your phone. Some of these apps do cost but most are only a few pounds.

I would recommend ‘Moment’ for IOS users. The free version only allows you to monitor screentime in minutes however the premium version has a number of useful features such as: screen-free time, daily limits and reminders.




  1. Aw thank you! Definitely give it a go, I wouldn’t go too inactive, too soon but there’s a lot to be said about how much more you can do with your time! ☺️
    I’m totally the same, I blog and write a lot so it’s harder to find a balance but you can do it! ☺️💕💕


  2. This is such a great post discussing such an important matter! I really want to try an internet detox or atleast apply some tips to reduce the amount of time I spent on it!
    I just feel with blogging and everything it can become quite hard to stay inactive on social media but I know it can be done! ☺️💗💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It honestly is! Start small at first with it and you’ll definitely notice a difference with how you use/appreciate your time. 😌


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