5 tips for girl boss worthy nails

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Nails can do a lot for us; whether painting them to look pretty or as a self-care exercise, to getting a manicure or pedicure for that big interview, a lot can be said for them. They make us feel confident when needed, and bring up our spirits after a bad day.

Here are 5 tips for girl boss worthy nails:

Layer up

If you have chosen one particular polish, sometimes the actual varnish can be a bit weak. When painting on to the nail, it doesn’t always leave a nice manicure-so, why not layer up? Give your nails a second coat, maybe even a third.

By combining two shades together, this can also create a unique colour. Start with a light colour, such as mint green, and then top up with a darker polish.

Liquid eyeliner

It sounds silly, and possibly like a terrible idea, doesn’t it?

Gem Fatale is a (now defunct) blog, however there are still some video tutorials on YouTube by the same Blogger. (Or is that Vlogger?)

Anyway: this tutorial explains how you can incorporate liquid eyeliner to create a distinctive pattern. It also lends a bit of ‘pop’ to your nails, which is a total girl boss quality. It may be fiddly, but it’s so worth it.

Consider the colour scheme for the situation

Are you going for a manicure or pedicure for a particular situation-such as a new job interview, a party, date? Consider the colour of polish that you choose.

The best thing you can do is decide on a colour that innately gives you confidence. (For instance, one of my particular favourites is a dark red, with white and glitter detailing.) However: also choose a colour that suits the environment.

For an interview, neutrals or pastels may be more appropriate than a shade that could be considered ‘lairy’.

Nail stickers

Nail stickers can add a fun edge to your nails in pursuit of making them worthy of a girl boss. There are a wide variety available online, and they have a design for everyone-even cats, such as these from Paperchase. 

They can be a bit too kitsch to suit everyone, so moderation is key.

And if all else fails..

Start to make a mood board when deciding to get Girl Boss nails. It may sound taxing, however getting Girl Boss nails is not just for, and does not have to be for, the one time manicure; it can be a continual process.

The singer Anastacia sometimes posts photos on her Instagram page involving her nails; she has some enviable talons. Whether glittery neutral pink for a product launch, nails like a Bond film villain, Red for on stage, or white swirls, this woman has it all.

You could also put together a Pinterest board to create your own digital mood board. Add photos of designs you’ve seen, ideas for colours, details of the latest varnish you’ve seen.

And if you see someone and you like their nails, ask them what polish they use; you could always buy it later.




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