What no one tells you about returning home from traveling

Before you travel, you may be nervous but the excitement is there. Whilst you travel, you may encounter difficulties or homesickness but it’s stuck an amazing experience. When you return home, it’s all over and you’ve returned to the same life you were living before.

Except everything’s changed.

Well, everything’s changed for you that is. What you return to has stayed the same, it hasn’t changed with you.

The easiest way to explain it is feeling like you are going backwards. Exactly like you haven’t jumped those hurdles and won that race but you’re back at the starting line.

Whilst you are away, life moves forward at full speed but when you return, home seems like it was on pause. It doesn’t seem to progress and everything is the same.

It almost feels like that time you had away never happened and you’re back to where you were before you ever left. It feels like you dreamt all the adventures and imagined all of your personal growth. It’s hard to accept that it was all real and you’re a totally different person when you’re back at square one.

It’s also difficult to talk to people when you return home. It’s all fun and games to start with in a flurry of catch ups but people soon get bored with hearing about your adventures.

No one wants to hear about your beach days when they’ve been working the 9 to 5. No one wants to hear about your new experiences when they’ve been stuck in their daily routine.

Those who have never left struggle to relate to you and the longer you talk about your time away, the more you watch people’s eyes glaze over. You start to miss the people you bonded with whilst you were away because they understand you.

That’s why people who have travelled always want to leave again. They call it the travel bug but it’s really a longing to be in a place where people speak the same language. And not a verbal language but the language of people who know what it’s like to leave, change, grow and return home again.

The people who can relate, understanding you and your journey. The people who also feel more lost in their hometown than a foreign country.

And that’s why returning home is hard.

And that’s what no one tells you about travelling.




  1. Definitely this!!! Found it very hard to come back home again after being away for so long. Came home too early & didn’t get the full experience so I feel a bit like i wasn’t a proper traveller. Made it even harder to adjust to life again and is why i have felt to misplaced since i touched down almost 4 years ago, desperate to be taking off on another adventure. Now i’m home i feel trapped, like i will never get away on a similar adventure & my that my travels will become just a distant memory, something to talk about at events & when meeting someone new, never to be repeated. It makes me sad in a way because if i could go back now i would 100% make more out of my experience.
    I think they call it Reverse Culture Shock. Something which isn’t talked about kuch because travel to a new place is so much more exciting & who wants to talk about going home again?! 😢😢
    Fantastic article. Thank You.
    Sarah xoxo

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