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Budget date ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Spending time together doesn’t have to be expensive and with these budget date ideas, even your Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be!

Stay-at-home cinema

Go to a second-hand movie store or charity shop, and pick two or three films that you want to watch (at CEX, you can get DVDs for just 50p). Go to the supermarket and spend £5-10 on a load of junk food that you love.

Have a film night cuddled up on the sofa, sharing your favourite sweets. It will work out miles cheaper than tickets and snacks at a cinema, and you can be flexible with what films you want to watch.

DIY cheese board

Whether you go to a farmer’s market or just to the nearest supermarket, a cheese board is easy to put together. All you need is a rustic chopping board, bread/crackers and grapes. Choose four or five cheeses, and ask for recommendations of wines or beers that will compliment your choices.

If cheese isn’t your thing, get creative with your own alternative tasting session: chocolates, teas, dips and craft ales would all work well.

Try a new hobby

Trying something new together can be great fun. You can book into an obscure exercise class at your gym, or sign up for a one-off lesson in something that neither of you have tried before (salsa dancing, cocktail making, life drawing, archery: the world is your oyster).

This could even become a regular activity if you enjoy it! If all the classes near you are pricey, then give it a go at home. Buy a craft kit, or follow YouTube tutorials.

A walk in the countryside

Grab some wellies and a warm jacket for a day outdoors. While this might not seem like the most romantic idea for a date, it can actually be a great way to spend time together.

Fresh air can be great for you, especially in February when we tend to hide ourselves inside all day. It will give you some relaxed time together to talk, without the daunting scenario of a high-key date (and without the price tag).

Free sightseeing

Check out what you can do for free around your local area. All towns have hidden gems, and with a little bit of research, you might uncover one. There could be a museum or art gallery with free entry, or the ruins of an old castle or church you can explore.

You’ll probably end up learning something new, and it will be an experience to share together.

Homemade meal

The obvious date on a budget. But cooking at home relieves the stress of booking a table on Valentines Day, and will give you a much more intimate atmosphere (and not to mention, is so much cheaper).

Even if you just throw together some pasta and a jar of sauce, it’s thoughtful. Light some candles and get a bottle of wine for an extra romantic touch. If you’re confident enough, try cooking multiple courses.


Get away from the light pollution of the city, and camp out under the stars. Whether it’s a midnight trip in the car to the countryside, or just in your back garden, bring thick blankets and thermal cups of tea (or something stronger).

Lie back on the grass and try to find the constellations. Nothing could be more romantic. Just remember to wrap up warm.



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