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9 ways to show your love without spending money

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Valentines day is just around the corner; however, there are ways to show someone you love them without spending a great deal of money. Because after all, that plays into the argument that it has become a day of mass commercialisation.

Here are nine ways to show your love without spending money this valentines day. Some of these cost very minimal amounts of money, and often rely on things that can be found round the house.


Compliments mean a lot. And I think it can give such a self-confidence boost. It is also an endearing quality, and it’s kind.. Whether it’s just “I like your outfit”, or “this meal is good”, it will be sure to raise a smile.

Let them choose what to watch

If, like me, you’re a habitual boxset consumer, maybe let your partner(s) choose what to watch once in a while.

Hiding notes around the house and in their possessions

This idea I have seen in books, films, and seen in action on social media. A kind, unexpected letter is such a lovely thing to find. So: write it, hide it around where you live or in your partner’s possessions.

Projects like One Million Lovely Letters and More Love Letters have practiced this, and it has had an immense impact.

Write poetry or a love letter

Poetry has a reputation for being a bit difficult to write; however, it does not need to be.

Write the name of your partner down the side of the page, with a quality of what you love about them per letter. Or write them a love letter-much simpler! You could also do this when your partner is going away, or has been upset by a problem.

Make dinner

And make it with their favourite food. Without being asked.

Not complaining

This has been described as a Random Act Of Kindness, but I guess it also applies in this situation. Try to bite your tongue, and fight off the criticism for once.

IOU’S (I owe you)

Although I use to use this as a birthday gift for my parents, it can be applied to this situation.

Making a list or a book of promises is an inexpensive way of expressing your love, and it can be tender. I.E “I will do the housework because I know how much it frustrates you, and I appreciate what you do for me.”

Do something with their favourite things

Whether it’s stocking the fridge with their favourite drinks, or making their bed comfy with their favourite cushions, this comes across an unexpected thing to do.

Social media promotion

How very 2018! But if you’re on social media, why not promote your partner and their work? It doesn’t have to be just for Valentines day-it could be all year round. I admire seeing couples doing this regularly for each other on Twitter.



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