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5 reasons why I don’t use beauty boxes

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The beauty world has been transformed in recent years. You can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing a new product, a new subscription beauty box. The lot!

It’s hard to resist the urge to buy one. So after using a few different beauty boxes, I thought I would share with you why I stopped picking them up.


They try to make them as affordable as they can but the price really builds up. I can’t speak for everyone, but I struggled to spend my money on this and not buy other beauty products throughout the month.

With this regular payment coming out, it cut down my spending money for the month. You can cancel it whenever, but it gets addictive having one.

We’ve put together a list of subscription boxes that are actually worth the money though if you’re looking for a good buy.

It’s a hype product

This kind of subscription service focuses on hype. It’s the “in thing” everyone wants. These products stay in the limelight for less than a month.

By the time the next one arrives, you’ve barely used what’s in your box. I still have a Kevyn Aucoin contour sample sitting in a draw which I’ve had for almost 3 years!

What do you actually get?

I struggle to find many people that really love the products each month. Obviously it won’t suit everyone, but it’s shocking to see that after not really loving the products, people still spend their money on them.

With some subscriptions, you get more choice with what you can get. But would you not just rather research the products more and purchase them yourself rather than paying for overpriced samples?


The main issue I have with subscription boxes are they don’t tend to support a lot of smaller brands. You’re given a range of products you normally wouldn’t try yet they throw in bare minerals and smashbox products when these are items that get advertised everywhere and are easy for you to grab a sample from.

I am yet to come across a box that features smaller makeup companies that aren’t already over-advertised within the makeup industry.

Target market

Although the target audience has improved and they become more specialised for each individual, I still feel like there isn’t a real sense of personalisation to subscription boxes.

It’s a range of products the company is being pushed to give out so there won’t always be that essence of “it was chosen just for me!” When you see so many people get the exact same things, it becomes weird to think you’re paying for it all.

Overall, I haven’t really found the hype of beauty subscription boxes. They are a nice novelty idea and if you want to get a range of products each month, that’s fine.

I feel like it’s more effective to do your research and buy more worthwhile products rather than spending your money on lots of products that may not be really what you need.

I am intrigued to know why people like them and if you get them regularly what is the main thing you love about them?




  1. I totally get your point, especially about how addictive they are! I’ve subscribed to beauty box and wasn’t planning on renewing my subscription but ended up doing it anyways haha! Although the one I have does seem to include products from up and coming new smaller brands now and again! 😍

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