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Why travel is great to put on your CV

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I‘ve always been a strong believer in finding benefits in any activity. Not just benefits related to the activity itself but finding cross-functional benefits. How can the lesson learned or skills acquired through an experience or activity be useful in other contexts

Travel is definitely something that can teach you and change you in many ways. Especially nowadays when young people are traveling more and more. It’s not the first aspect that you’d think about when considering your skills but why not stand out from the crowd and insert travel into your CV?

I’m not saying that you should list traveling amongst your skills and that’s it. That wouldn’t really be a unique skill. It’s more about finding specific aspects of traveling that you managed to improve, learn or acquire during your travels.

Here are a few things you may consider when thinking about travel-related skills, that are great to add to your CV:


Whether it’s a short or long, group or solo trip, you have to organise stuff before the departure. The more trips you arrange, the more your organisational skills improve. And who doesn’t want an employee who’s able to organise their time and activities?


Travelling is not always easy: delays, cancels, arriving to a place that is not as expected, the list could go on and on.

Facing these unexpected happenings and being able to enjoy your trip anyways definitely shows how adaptable you are and in a certain aspect, they highlight your problem-solving skills.

Open mind

Meeting and interacting with different cultures opens your eyes and your mind. Being open-minded is a skill that not everyone has but that employers are always looking for.

Being open-minded is also related to the previous point as in difficult and challenging situations, you’re still able to find a solution and manage the situation in the best way.


Travelling, particularly solo travel,  requires a lot of self-confidence and esteem. You have to handle traveling, new experiences and going places you’re not familiar with Not a skill that everybody has and can act as your secret weapon in a work environment.

There could be a moment you find yourself alone in a situation and knowing you can handle it can be the biggest motivation to produce a great outcome.



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