How to keep your pets safe during winter

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Although Christmas is long behind us, we’re still facing numerous spells of cold weather before we can look forward to those warm summer months. In winter, we always remember to add another layer before we head out, or we ensure that our cars are fully de-iced before travelling anywhere.

But, during this chilly period, we also need to guarantee that our pets will stay safe. So here are a few of our top tips on caring for your little companions throughout winter:

Jumpers aren’t just a fashion accessory

While we normally see cute little animals dressed up in a variety of clothing all over social media, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing during the winter period.

If your pet is small, short-haired, or getting a little bit more mature now, it might be wise to do a little bit of retail shopping for them.

Fetch do an assortment of coats, jumpers and hoodies for your special pooch or kitty; and they come in all sizes. However, it’s also worth having a quick browse on Ebay and Amazon for some cheaper alternatives.

Snow can be dangerous

Even though we can all agree that there’s nothing better than frolicking around in the snow with your pup, you have to be aware that it can cause damage to your pet.

Preventative ice measures often include spreading anti-freeze and salt on the ground, and this can end up all over your dogs paws. Remember that ‘Salt and Ice Challenge’, ouch right? Well it’s a little same to what happens to your pups paws.

To prevent the salt from wreaking havoc on their paws and causing them irritation, simply wipe your dogs feet as soon as they return home, and remember to get right in between their toes. However, don’t let this threat stop you from taking your pets out; it is vital that they still get all the daily exercise they require to keep them fit and healthy!

Inside or out?

Even though some breeds, such as Huskies, Akitas, and Great Pyrenees, are genetically bred for colder temperatures, no pet should be left outside during frosty periods, especially overnight when the temperature can reach below-freezing figures.

Just like us, your fluffy friends are very vulnerable to conditions such as hypothermia or frostbite; so to make sure they’re well protected, just keep them inside this winter (plus, imagine how many more snuggle sessions you can have!).

Don’t pamper that pooch

We all love to make sure that our special friends are pampered and preened to perfection, but slow it down during these colder months. It’s essential to let your pets hair grow out into a longer and thicker coat to keep them nice and toasty this winter.

It’s just like us always going and buying another winter coat to keep us warm (even though we already have four others in the back of the wardrobe). Alternatively, make sure they’ve got one of those jumpers or coats to keep them snug and safe this winter.



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