Why you need to stop buying into trends


Trends come and go, we all know this. That bright yellow Zara puffer jacket you can’t even look at anymore was a trend and the “in-thing” for quite some time. Yet now you can’t bare to wear it.

Fashion changes all the time, we love the 80’s one minute and then 70’s the next. It’s hard to stay on the ball with it, especially when money doesn’t grow on trees and trends are constantly changing and evolving. I’ve previously mentioned the essential pieces that will carry you through each trend. But why do we still give into the trend?

There is a psychological aspect behind it, which is quite interesting. By following a trend, we avoid standing out for the wrong reasons. We become part of a subconscious group that follows the same rules and trends, even if you spice it up and add your own flare, it’s still followed by the trends.

If we rebel against the trends, we stand out like an outsider. But what’s wrong with not doing something that everyone else is doing? Not following a trend isn’t a crime, it’s not murder. Wear what you want and shove the trends!

Don’t force yourself into that gingham skirt because Kate Moss and your most loved fashion bloggers are wearing it. If you like the skirt, go for it! But don’t buy it because you saw somebody else in it and wanted to follow.

It is hard to stand out when you’re following the trend. It’s almost like something out of the apocalypse when you see 3 or 4 people in the same jacket, jeans and trainers walking down the street.

I will hold my hands up and say I do look at trends quite a lot. Stripes are making an appearance again and as much as that pleases my ‘essential items wardrobe’, I don’t feel like they’re very me at the moment.

You may see me in a striped number, but you won’t find me racing into every shop grabbing any striped item in sight. With trends, you have to take a step back. Get that editing eye on and think “am I really a fan of this or will I hate it by next week?”

There’s so many items in my wardrobe that I’ve worn once and never looked at again because the trend died and it just looked odd. I have a black patent vinyl skirt which at the time was cool but now I just feel like a bin bag in it.

My best advice for trend shopping is to look for themes. Pastels and brights come back in every spring/summer so keep your eye out for those. Reds, browns, and stripes are always on trend around the colder months. It’s simple trends that you can stick to without conforming to every single thing Grazia and Vogue magazine throw at you.

There’s so many people out there emulating what they’ve seen in the media and magazines and it’s sad to see people losing their creativity. Mix up what you see in the trends and fit it to how you dress. That’s how to really follow a trend.

Trends die but how you dress stays forever. If you want to come in with jeans on whilst everyone else is in A-line skirts and culottes you do it girl!




  1. I didn’t realise there was psychology behind trends, but it makes perfect sense! I definitely don’t follow trends, and buy whatever I like, but sometimes I do find myself getting sucked into trends!

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