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Simple ways to decorate your room with photos

The Growing Up Guide camera photos memories decoration Printiki

We take photos every day, whether it’s selfies with our friends, photos of our food or flat lays for our blogs. Photos are incredibly important because they turn a living moment into a memory.

Decorating your room with photographs adds a simple, personal touch and it’s also cost effective. Sure, we all love a framed print and a wall hanging but printing photos to your room brings your memories to life every time you look at them.

There are so many ways to decorate your room using photos. People are quick to assume that you just print photos to put in frames and leave them in there for years. But if you love getting creative with your home decorations, you’ll love these tips!

I used Printiki to print these photos. They have different options for the type of photos you want whether you want polaroid style or square. I went for the medium square print with matte paper. The delivery was so speedy and the photos printed lovely! They hadn’t discoloured and I was so impressed with the overall quality of the prints. I couldn’t wait to make use of them in my room!

The Growing Up Guide camera photos memories decoration Printiki

The garland

This is one of my FAVOURITE ways to use photos. It looks so cute and quirky and can bring a bare wall to life. This is a great idea if you’re a student and want to impress your new flat mates. As well as your printed photos, all you need is some scissors, string, pegs and washi tape. 

Depending on how much wall space you have and how big your photos are, will depend on how long you cut the string, how many rows you do and how many photos you clip on. The best way to do it is by trial and error. I cut a long piece of string first and stuck each side down with washi tape and pegged the photos to the string once it was stuck on the wall.

The photos drag the string down so I recommend you put the photos on before sticking all the string on your wall. Make sure each piece of string is the same length and each has the same amount of photos on so it doesn’t look messy. I found this great blog post written by Gillian if you would like detailed instructions.

Hack: You can also add fairy lights around the string to add a magical touch!

The Growing Up Guide camera photos memories decoration Printiki

The heart collage

You have probably seen lots of people with these cute photo collages in your room. I certainly noticed them when I lived in uni halls! You don’t even have to use photos of yourself for a collage like this. I made one using lots of positive quotes off Pinterest and had it above my desk to help me stay motivated.

But, I created one out of some of my favourite memories that fill my heart with love and I adored the outcome! Making a heart collage is such an easy and cheap way to decorate your room and it especially adds lots of colour! I used a plain white section of my wall and it totally transformed the corner of my room.

You can do different sizes of these collages but I wanted mine to take up quite a lot of space! It’s SO easy to do if you just look at a photo of one and copy it. If you have printed square photos, you can copy mine but I found this guide on Pinterest if your photos are landscape!

Hack: You could put the photos in frames for this collage to make it look like hard work went into it!


The frame

If you want to spend a little bit more money while decorating your room, you can invest in frames. You don’t have to use boring frames. I got mine from New Look and it came with the pegs and the ribbon so I could replace the stock photos with my own.

You can hang these frames on your wall or simply have them propped against your bedside table like mine.

New Look have some similar ones here.

You can also get photo domes where you shake the frame and confetti shakes around your photo like a snow globe. I love the ones from Paperchase!

The Growing Up Guide camera photos memories decoration Printiki

The photo clips

At school, everyone used to have these! But I never see them anymore. I think these little memo holders are adorable and can add the perfect personal touch to your office desk. I bought these butterfly clips from Primark for about £1.50 and I keep my collection of photo booth prints in them.

There are lots of different colours and styles of photo clips on Amazon. You can also use them for important notes and post cards that you receive from friends and family. They’re an easy way to jazz up a desk or chest of dressing table.

If you’re looking to print off some photos you can use the code KG3F5YHV on Printiki to get free shipping.


*This post was in collaboration with Printiki







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