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Why you shouldn’t always open up to colleagues

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Talking to your colleagues at work, can often be a great way of helping you to get through your day, whether you work in an office, a shop or factory floor. Discussing your day-to-day work duties can often be a bit of a bore and so chatting about life in general can help to make your day more interesting and additionally help you to find out more about the people you work with.

Especially as you spend a substantial amount of hours together at work, it makes sense to get along with other employees as well as possible.

By chatting, being polite and listening to others, it can help you to build rapport with your colleagues, and demonstrate your skills of being a team player.

You may feel like you get on well and can trust your colleagues enough to talk about your personal life events or express your opinions on certain subject matters.

But not everyone you work with is trustworthy and your opinions or secrets may end up becoming the “workplace gossip”, which may make your relationship with your colleagues and manager difficult.

To avoid any drama from happening, here are some topics that you shouldn’t talk about at work:

That you hate the job

This can make you appear to be a negative person, and not be a team player, which is a key skill in many careers.

Your political and religious beliefs

These can often be too closely tied with people’s identities. Although there may be times when you don’t agree with what people say, you must find a balance to be willing to listen without inputting your own opinions and beliefs.

How much money you make

When people find out that their colleagues, who have a similar job to them and is earning a higher salary, it often makes people turn very resentful and destructive.

It is also very much a no win situation. If you earn a poorer salary, people may presume you are lazy and if you earn a higher salary, people assume that you are snobby and showing off.

An offensive joke

Everyone has a different style of humour and tolerance levels and although “work banter” may be used to help lighten an atmosphere, it can be perceived in different ways.

Some people may see it as a bit of fun, however others may be offended and be more sensitive to certain subjects. If a joke is directed at one person or classed an offence, then this is viewed as workplace harassment.

You have to be careful about what you say and whom you say it too – this applied for social media as well.

Make sure you think before you speak.



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