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It’s getting closer and closer to holiday season. A good holiday doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Some of the best travel stories I have result from cheaper travel and good deals.

When it’s time to jet off why not have the best resources at hand with you. For those wanting to travel, here’s the top resources I use to plan my travels!


This is a key thing people forget, if you have a planner that would be fab. Have somewhere you can write down ideas, places to go, airline and cabin restriction, currency.

It’s surprising what a difference this can make. I tend to make a little notebook full of useful phrases and their translation.

Anything you come across and want to remember for next time, it’s the little things like this you wish you’d have for your next time travelling.

Holiday guides

Now for booking the thing. Where do you want to go? If you’re unsure on where is best The Guardian has a good list of holiday guides. I always recommend going to this first circle a few of places and then read further into them.

Look at what there is to do, how many people go, accommodation, weather… the lot. Just because it’s being advertised as the “Holiday destination of the year” doesn’t mean it will be your exact cup of tea.

For further research Time Out is another great website to check out. Filled with guides on almost every single city and every single thing you can do it is packed with information.


Once you’re set on a place how are you going to get there? If you’re flying over SkyScanner is your main go to. One of the best comparison sites that allows you to explore the best deals that change daily. It’s a website you’ll go on once and never look back. When I’m in the mood for a holiday, this becomes more active than anything else.

You can even add hotels or car hire on to ensure it all gets sorted in one. I find that deals are normally better if you book it all separately but if you have your trusty notebook with you. Take note of the deals and rates and match up the best ones for you.

Compare your options

If you’re wanting to do a nice drive then comparison websites like Expedia and Trivago are your first pit stop. It gives you the best up to date deals as well as letting you view a number of providers. With a load of filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for it’s unlikely you’ll leave this website unhappy.

Coach travel

If you’re after a city break and don’t want to fork out for the train NationalExpress have a range of deals on at the moment. If you’re a student you can apply for a coach card. The coach isn’t everyones ideal transport but with some good music and comfy clothes you can make it a good time.

Another alternative is Megabus. They have bargain prices and travel from the UK into Europe.

Package deals

If you’re looking for some good package deals for weekends away. GreatLittleBreaks is a great, little place to check out. From theatre deals to the essential site seeing guides, there’s a mix of packages to chose from. You won’t have to settle for the low end accommodation as this website makes the package suited for your budget.

If you’d rather plan it all and book each bit separately they have an inspire me page. Filled with things to do to get the ball rolling on planning your travels.

Red Letter Days also offer similar packages around the UK.

Let us know where you’re planning on going this year and what your tips are for getting the best deals.





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