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5 questions to ask yourself before making that impulse buy

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We’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve gone into the shop for a few items and left with many more that if you’re honest with yourself, you probably didn’t need. And you’ve probably forgotten to buy the item you originally went in for.

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while but sometimes the impulse buying can get out of hand and you end up with wondering why you even bought it in the end.

Hopefully you’ll be able to ask yourself some of these questions and help reduce unnecessary purchases to help make your money go further.

Do I actually really need this?

Usually, impulse buys end up being items we don’t actually need. I hate it when I’ve made an impulse buy and when I come to use or wear it and I end up not liking it or questioning what made me buy it.

When I feel drawn to make unplanned purchases I try to take a few seconds or minutes, sometimes days to think about it. Feeling pressured to buy at the time especially if there’s an offer can rush you to make a purchase. I

f I find that I can’t stop thinking about it and I can afford it then I’ll normally go back to make the purchase. If it ends up being sold-out then it just wasn’t meant to be!

Do I have something similar?

Often, we find ourselves drawn to buy items only to go home and find something very similar at home especially if you find you have a particular style. I often find myself buying pretty much the same shades of lipstick because when I walk past a make-up counter I find myself drawn to similar shades.

If you have something similar, you probably don’t need the item unless you have a one in, one out policy and are planning to replace your original item.

Can I find a cheaper alternative?

If your impulse buy is on the pricier side, have you considered a cheaper alternative? For example, it’s possible to find high street dupes of designer shoes and bags for a fraction of the price and will still be good quality.

These days the drugstore alternatives for high-end make up are amazing and sometimes even better than the more expensive versions.

If you’re not sure you can justify spending so much but still feel drawn to make that purchase, try a cheaper alternative. Your bank account will thank you and may make you feel less guilty about making that impulse buy.

Why am I buying this?

This question can help reduce pointless purchases. We may feel drawn to buy an item maybe because we’ve seen it trending on Instagram or maybe it’s on offer in store.

Maybe you feel pressured by the sales assistant. Is that a valid reason to be buying it? Do you actually like it and will you get use out of it?

Buying into trends can end up being a waste of money especially if it’s an expensive trend. Trends come and go and there’s often no point paying a lot of money for something you may not use or wear for long.

Can I afford this?

This should be your final (or maybe first) question to ask yourself before deciding whether to make that impulse buy.

Making an impulse often feels good at the time but that feeling may not last for long if causes you to struggle financially.

Don’t feel the pressure especially if you’re already at the till. You have the right to change your mind. And if you’ve bought it and after checking your bank account you want to return it, go for it (provided returns on that item is allowed).



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