Easy ways to stay motivated at work

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You might be loving your job. You might be hating it. You might be doing it without really loving or hating it. In any of these cases, you know that it’s not easy staying motivated. In circumstances where you love what you do it’s a bit simpler but still, we all need a boost now and then.
Here are a couple of ideas to stay motivated at work, whether you love it or hate it.

Set goals

Whether it’s big goals such as “getting a promotion” or simply setting yourself daily tasks, goals have a huge power!
Write them down, create a vision board on paper or on Pinterest, set goals that encourage you to not give up even on the most unmotivated day.
Ticking off your goal/task list something acts as a powerful way to stay productive and at the same time staying motivated to do your work.

Set breaks

Overwhelming moments due to stress, too much work or anything that bothers you, will definitely not help to keep you motivated. To avoid this, set breaks!
For instance say, every 3 task accomplished go for a 2 min walks or chat with a co-worker.
Be sure not to be still during each break (such as just checking your social media), get to move a little during these breaks, it helps to oxygen your brain, get new energy and inspiration!

Think about the ultimate purpose

Goals will definitely help you keep going but…what’s your ultimate purpose when thinking about your job?
  • Gaining experience?
  • Money?
  • Acquiring more knowledge?
  • Try something new to see if it fits you or not?
Whatever is your ultimate purpose remind yourself of it every day and use it as an incentive to keep going. In the end, it will be worth it: good or bad experience, all of them have something to teach!

Focus on the good

Let’s say that the main reason why you’re not motivated at work it’s because you don’t really like the company or what you’re doing.
But, there must be something (yep, there is at least ONE thing) that you like about it.
Maybe that one colleague of yours who you love talking with during your lunch break. The general environment and spirit, the fact that by working you get the money to go on that dream holiday you’ve always thought about….it could really be anything!
If nothing comes to your mind try to make a list and have it always near you so that anytime something good comes to your mind you can write it down!
Also, keep the “list of good things” always behind you so that you can consult it any time a bad moment arrives. Stay positive and focus on the good!

Plan something exciting

Whether it’s a training, a business trip or just something different from your working routine, try to plan something now and then!
Breaking your routine will make you look forward to something different and staying motivated.
Of course, it doesn’t always depend on you but try to think about something that could be useful for your job and at the same time exciting for you then try to talk about it with your boss/supervisor.

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