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The life hacks that make everything effortless

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Life hacks are everywhere at the moment; they are in magazines, websites, all over Twitter. But do they actually work?

With that in mind, I turned to Twitter and the internet for some of the best life hacks around.

Use Vaseline for patent shoes

If you’re like me, and your shoes can (often) be more than just a bit scuffed, use Vaseline to cover it up! This way, minor scratches and repairs can be taken care of. It also does not strip away coating on these shoes. Another option that’s milder is to use Hand Sanitiser.

Discounts cards? Check your renewal options

Discount cards.. love ’em or hate ’em, it’s hard to deny that they do not save your some serious money. But when signing up, check the terms and conditions.

For instance, it is possible to have an NUS card for three years. And: a 16-25 Railcard may have an age restriction, but it could last up to the age of twenty eight.

Hair dryer your jeans and shoes

Cold? Wet? Just come out of the pouring rain? Not a problem. If you are wearing trousers that are soaked, simply give them a quick blast inside with a hair dryer.

The same goes for your shoes. (Just make sure they are not made out of a material that may melt!)

Bleach the jeans

If you need a new look, this is simply. Find a pair of jeans (preferably dark blue denim), and dab bleach over them. Wait for it to dry, then wash. And… you have yourself a pair of bleach-washed jeans!

Check blogs for affiliate codes

There are a lot of blogs around. (Disclaimer: I myself am a Blogger!). But some blogs pair up with brands, allowing them to offer an affiliate code for discounted products.

Follow money saving Bloggers

This hack does involve you crawling through the internet a bit. A Blogger who writes about money saving may occasionally offer up a discount or two-or, at least, a tip.

Another website you could check out is Money Saving Expert.  As to Bloggers: The Frugal Frenchie also has some brilliant posts to help you on your way.

Etsy it

Etsy has everything that you could possibly imagine: from paintings to pencils, to blog headers to personalised stationery, it is the ideal shopping place for something unique. Some shop owners also take your personal preference into consideration.

Entertainment for the train 

Are you bored on your train ride? There are several options for that: you could download a podcast, create a podcast, take up a new skill such as knitting

Looking for some more tips to make your life that little bit easier? We’ve got all of the life hacks for you;



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