How going coffee free for a week helped my sleeping pattern

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I‘m one of those people who cannot survive without coffee.

Say it’s because I’m Italian and we drink more espressos than water, say it’s because I barely ever get 8 hours of sleep, or say it’s because I just really, really enjoy the taste – I have not gone more than a couple of days without having a coffee.

You can imagine how much I was dreading a whole week without it. One of my flatmates kept mocking me saying I was either going to fail or kill someone in the attempt.

The title gives it away, but I did it and I can assure you I have not killed anyone in the process (even though the thought crossed my mind a few times).

Day 1

I started my week without coffee on the Monday after a great/terrible weekend. I don’t know if it was due to the lack of caffeine or if I actually still had alcohol in my system, but I still felt hungover throughout the morning.

I walked to work at 8:30am feeling like a zombie who smoked too much weed.

By lunch time the feeling was almost gone, but safe to say I was in bed at 10:30pm and had to abandon movie night with my flat.
According to my Fitbit I slept eight whole hours that night without any restless moments. An event that had not happened since I was probably 13.

Day 2

Another early morning, up at 7am and on the go at 8:30am. I was very tempted to stop for a latte on my way to work. Didn’t feel quite as high as I felt the day before, but definitely still a zombie.

Again, lunch time saved me. Tuesday is also workout day, which I was dreading as I thought I would not have had enough energy to do it, but I actually felt a lot more energic than usual when it came 7pm and I had to hit the gym.

I was asleep at 11pm, slept again a whole eight hours with very little restless moments.

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Day 3

I finally got to sleep in and I sure needed it. Nine hours of sleep regenerated me and I finally stopped feeling the withdraw from coffee.

Found a new favourite, matcha latte – yes I know, there is caffeine in it and it is a bit like cheating, but it’s not coffee so let me get away with this one.

Day 4 to 7

After two terrible days and one decent one, I finally feel like I can survive without my three shots of espresso in the morning (A LOT, I know).

Plenty of friends asked me throughout the week how I was doing and I almost wanted to lie saying I felt terrible because I love coffee that much and don’t want to give it up. –  I think that shows how addicted I am.

Truth is, not having coffee in the morning massively improved my sleeping pattern.

I went from six hours per night with many restless moments to a minimum of eight to nine hours without ever waking up during the night.

Sure, first two days were HORRIBLE, but it was a change that I needed to feel on my skin to figure out if I was indeed having too much coffee. I definitely was – shocking, I know.

Will I stop having coffee from now on? No. No way. Pretty sure they’d take my citizenship away if I stop having espressos in the morning.

I will have a lot less though, stick to one shot when I wake up and herbal teas during the day.

How much caffeine do you have a day? Do you think it could be affecting your sleeping pattern too? Share your coffee habits in the comments.



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