The organisation tips every student should implement during exams season

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One of the main keys to succeeding whilst studying is definitely organisation. Being organised helps to take some of the pressure off especially when you may have multiple deadlines approaching.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you get better with organisation.


As a student, your studies should be high on your priority list. One key to being organised is knowing how to prioritise. You may find yourself with various tasks and deadlines and maybe you’ve got a part-time job as well.

Lay your tasks and schedule ahead of yourself and look at which ones have a higher priority. This will help you to know which tasks to face first.


Planning is an important key to staying organised. Get yourself a planner. It can be electronic on your tablet or phone making it easily portable.

If you’re out and making plans, you can easily check to see what you’ve got planned and organise your time. Or maybe you’re old school and like to use paper planners.

Wall planners are great as you can get a yearly one to help organise your year. You can post it up on your wall, so it’ll be a constant reminder. We’ve listed some of our favourites here.


Get a whiteboard. Visual reminders of upcoming tasks helps to make sure you don’t forget. Write your to-do list on it and then as you achieve each task, you can just easily wipe it off.

If you’ve got a big enough whiteboard you can separate it according to timescales, so you can see which tasks need doing first and you can prioritise.


This again helps with visual reminders if you have a physical one on your wall. Using the calendar in your phone or tablet is also useful as it’s portable and can help you prevent double-booking.

Earlier deadlines

This gives you breathing space especially if something unexpected occurs like you get ill, or if you have a habit of procrastinating. If you can aim to complete the assignment at least a week before the deadline it should help to ease stress and help you complete your assignment in good time.

With online submissions, the site often crashes close to the deadline, so you don’t want to be one of those people who risk it and miss the deadline.

Being organised doesn’t have to feel like a chore or be hard. In fact it’s so easy we’ve put together 10 organisation life hacks for you to include in your everyday life.




  1. Great tips. Ive drawn up a study planner and it helps tremendously. I feel less stressed about the exams approaching and instead sticking to the planner and what notes I need to foocus on at a given day and time 🙂 thanks.

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